Warung Lela (Wale) Bandung

I have several posts on tesyasblog regarding my fave place to eat Bandung's noodle which is called "Mie Baso" and "Yamin Baso". My fave so far is Mie Baso Panghegar, but I have heard about the famous place called Warung Lela or Wale located at Dago area from many years ago. 

I've never had the chance to visit Warung Lela, until our cousin had a wedding party at Jalan Tubagus Ismail Dago. Before we started the party around 3 pm, I and Rene went to Warung Lela.

It is located at a housing area called Rancakendal. The road heading to Warung Lela was not easy. It was small road only for two cars, with so many steep road to pass. Make sure you are good at driving if you plan to visit this place:p 

We arrived at 11.30 am and found Warung Lela was not yet so crowded. When I got in, I suddenly fell in love with this place. The woods made this place so homey, and the fresh air at Dago is a perfect match with a hot noodle soup.

Warung Lela has this amazing place

Of course we ordered Mie Baso (the one where the soup is in the same bowl with the noodle) and Yamin Baso for our first visit to Warung Lela, and I loved it. The texture of the noodle was really soft, and the meatballs taste great. 

Mmm, this Yamin Baso was the best food we ordered that day
A perfect Mie Baso

We also ordered Yamin Rica-rica. To be honest, it was not as good as the Yamin Baso. So we knew that for our next visit we should not order anything else except Mie Baso and Yamin Baso.

Mie Yamin Rica-rica

This is the kind of restaurant in Bandung that I asked myself where have I been? Why I postponed so long for not visiting this place? I must say the effort to reach this place was really worth it.

I will be back, for sure

Warung Lela
Jalan Kupa no.6, Rancakendal - Bandung

written on September 12, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. suka banget dengan suasana warungnya

  2. Kayaknya wajib di kunjungi, suka ama suasana tempat nya

    1. Kak Cum belum pernah toh, kirain enggak ada tempat di Bandung ya Kak Cum belum pernah..seriuss...

  3. oh la laaa aku suka banget warung berinterior Indonesia banget gini

    1. Iya kapan ke Bandung, ketemuan disini ya Kak Feb

  4. kykna ni tempat cocok banget buat santai yaa

    1. Kalau lagi sepi santai enak disini Kak, tapi kalau lagi rame sih susah mau santai, panjang antriannya hehe

  5. Hmmm, tempatnya dan makanannya looked yum!! Must visit