The real noodle in Bandung: Mie Bakso Panghegar

My hometown, Bandung is very famous for its food. When it comes to noodle, Bandung is famous for its "Mie Yamin Bandung". It looks like chicken nodle or Mie Ayam in Jakarta. But Mie Yamin is more delicious compared to Mie Ayam, and I am not saying this because I come from Bandung :p

Where is the best place to have Mie Yamin Bandung? Of course there are several very famous places serving non-halal Mie Yamin. Mie Naripan is one of the famous name. But don't worry, there are also halal restaurant serving Mie Yamin. One of my favourite is RM Mie Baso Panghegar located on Jalan Holis Bandung. By the way Sundanese write "Baso" without "k" for meatballs, while in Bahasa Indonesia it should be written: "Bakso".

Rumah Makan Mie Baso Panghegar
From outside, the restaurant looks like a house. It has huge aquarium with huge fish inside. Kiddos love to see the fish whenever we visit this resto.

We often sit near the aquarium

I always ordered Mie Yamin, while Rene's fave is the one with the soup. Panghegar produced their own meatballs, and their meatballs are very yummy! 

Mie Yamin Bandung comes with meatball
Mie Yamin with Pangsit

Other than noodle, they also provide homemade food, but I have never tried it. I always ordered the noodle.

Baso Panghegar is sold separately at their store (frozen meatballs), some meters away from the restaurant.

Little shop which sell frozen meatballs of Baso Panghegar

To reach the restaurant, if you are coming from Jakarta, exit Pasir Koja Highway, then turn left. You will find Pertamina Gas Station on your left, turn left afterwards. Just follow the road and Mie Baso Panghegar will be on your right.

Let's have it a try and I am sure you will love it :)

written on March 27, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Aku blm perna nyobain yg ini, paling cuman naripan sama akung aja.

    1. Kapan-kapan kalo ke Bdg cobain deh, bakso uratnya juara :)

  2. Mie nya bikin perut keroncongan di sore hari kaya gini....

    1. Kak Indra kalau ke Bandung aku traktir kesini ya hehehe

  3. wih enak tenan ... bagi bagi donk

  4. waaah baso panghegar,terkenal dan udah nyobain enak kok, tapi kalau favorit saya baso mie naripan di jalan naripan, coba deh rekomen lah mie naripan bandung cek menunya di

    1. Eh, ini the famous Mie Naripan bukan ya? Bukannya enggak halal Kak?

  5. Hmm , enak banget tuh , jadi pengen
    aku paling makan di Mie Naripan sih udah di hati banget , ada pilihan menu halal nya juga kok :)

  6. Gak enak banget. RASA EMPERAN. Harga hotel. Pelayanan lama. Gak recoment makan disitu deh.
    Bener3 gak enak!!!!