Baker Street Bandung: The Best Quiche In Town

There were three reasons why I visited Baker Street Bandung: 1) The building looks really luxury with a revolving door, 2) The location of this cafe which is near Gedung Sate, 3) This cafe is always full, all day long.

So on our way back to Jakarta (via Pasteur toll), we stopped by at Baker Street Bandung, it was a lazy Sunday morning, there were only few guests at the cafe. Our Kiddos picked the sofa with a view to Gedung Sate.

Enjoying our drink with the view to the greenery at Gedung Sate

After passing the revolving door, I was amazed with all the cakes and pastries I saw inside the display case, near the cashier. They all look really yummy and of course, inviting!

First, order your food and drink at the cashier
Ohh, look at those Eclairs!
The fruit pies

I am a big fan of quiche, but I don't know how to make it:p Most of the time I order quiche when visiting Starbucks. I was so happy to find many quiche at Baker Street Bandung. I had one at the restaurant and took away another two in the box.

It's heaven for quiche lover..
My quiche, for IDR 30,000
Crunchy from the outside, and fluffy inside

The interior of Baker Street Bandung is very nice: comfortable coach, lovely pillows, and a great bar inside.

A great place to hang out
Cute pillows
Before the drink were served, Kiddos waited at the bar area

They also sell cooking stuffs inside the cafe, take a look..

You may find the cooking stuffs you are looking for here..

If you'd like to learn how to bake, there's also a baking academy inside the cafe. The schedule was informed near the venue. 

A nice place to have your brunch, at one of the great bakery in Bandung. Oh, how I miss the quiche!

written on April 2, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. tempatnya kece kak dan kuenya kelihatan enak

    1. Iya Kak Winny, terutama quiche nya itu juara lah :)

  2. Cafe nya lucu banget :-)

  3. Kuenya menggoda bangeeeettttsss... cafenya asik yah kayaknya buat nongkrong.

  4. Mba Tes, lucu banget sih ini tempatnya. Kue nya menggoda semua. Thanks info nya. Kalo ke bandung mau mampir aahh....sekalian foto2 wkwkwk

    1. Hai Mba, iya tempatnya asik dan mewah banget terlihat dari luar. Ayo cobain mampir :)

  5. Wah sering lewat sini tapi belum pernah mampir... Buat bumil cocok banget nih kayaknya :)

    1. Cobain Kak Nanda, quiche nya enaaaak :)