Cikaso Waterfall Ujung Genteng

Finally I said yes to rene's invitation to have a weekend getaway in Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi, West Java. Why it took so long to finally say yes? Because I heard from rene that it takes about 7 hours to get to Ujung Genteng by private car! I changed my mind after seeing Nia's family holiday pictures, which showed me how beautiful the beach is. Than I read travelfish journey to Ujung Genteng. All of these finally made me take the risk to do a roadtrip with our 5 yo and 3 yo boys to Ujung Genteng.

We left home at 3 am to avoid the traffic jam, by 8 am we arrived at Cikaso waterfall. It was not hard to find this place. From Jakarta, we took the direction to go to Sukabumi, Pelabuhan Ratu, than Surade. It's all clearly signed, don't worry if it's your first time. To go to the waterfall, turn left after you saw a sign of "Tegal Buleud".

When we parked our car, we were informed that due to dry season, there were no water falling, and he advised us to take the boat to Mutiara beach which took us 1,5 hours for a roundtrip. Because our plan is to see the Cikaso Waterfall before going to Ujung Genteng, we said that we still want to go to the waterfall anyway.

We walked to the ticket booth, where they offered us to rent a boat cost IDR 80,000 and to pay admission IDR 3,000 per person, and for the car IDR 5,000. We have read from other blogs that the boat normally cost IDR 60,000, so we bargain the price. The guy still charged us DR 80,000 but we didn't need to pay other fees. We walked to the place where our boat was waiting for us. 

The boat ride only took 5 minutes, and kiddos loved it! Actually we could also walk to the waterfall, but for the sake of the experience we took the boat instead.

A guy from the boat company walked with us to the waterfall. We were the only visitors that morning. So great to have the waterfall area just for the five of us. There are snack stalls at the waterfall area, there were also a souvenir stall. Toilet is available but better to use the toilet near the parking place, trust me:p

The waterfall is stunning event without the water. We should go back to see the waterfall next time. Too bad around the area people threw away garbage, I saw a used pampers, a used box of milk chocolate, omg! 

So proud that Indonesia has this beautiful waterfall:) We should keep it beautiful and of course introduce it to the world. 

written on September 16, 2012

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