Breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market

"I dont' want to go to fish market, I want to stay at the apartment and watch Ninja Go Movie!" It was our conversation with Kiddos on the last morning in Tokyo. Traveling with your kids give you lots of drama, but along the way, you'll find how to manage all those dramas:D

"Ok, we will still go and we'll be back at 12. Is that ok with you?" I asked our Kiddos, and they agreed to give me and mr.husband a 3 hours date going to Tsukiji Fish Market. We left our apartment at 9am, after several rules we had given to our Kiddos. They requested us two things: to bring back Tamago (Japanese omelette) from Tsukiji and to be back to the apartment at 12.00pm.

Tsukiji Fish Market was closed on 31 Dec, so we went to the outer market

Very Crowded Tsukiji Market on 31 December

Last day of 2015 was one of the busiest day at Tsukiji fish market. I didn't expect to see so many people at Tsukiji. I asked mr.husband, "Where should we start?" And he replied, "Let's just follow the crowd!"

And this was the crowd at Tsukiji on 31 December 2015

Even before we reached any of the stores or restaurants, we were amazed by how packed the street was. We witnessed how one car succeeded beating the crowd on the street. Awesome!

How lucky this car was, to be able to get away from this tiny street:D

And the sight how a seller sold his fish from the top of his car, while the buyer were waiting with their white trays was incredible! A real transaction in a fish market. And the crowd even made this picture more incredible:D  

The seller standing on the top while giving the fish to the buyers

A Search of Tamago at Tsukiji Fish Market

Famous for its sushi and Tamago, we wanted to have them both. Mr.husband had researched some of the famous Tamago seller at Tsukiji, but with the crowd that morning, we stopped at the first Tamago seller we found at Tsukiji.

We joined the queue to buy Tamago

The queue was already three lines, but it moved real fast. We waited for 10 minutes before getting our turn. "One big and one small, please", I request to the seller, and gave him JPY1,100. The big box was JPY700, while the small one was JPY400.

Finally, our turn
The production of Tamago at the kitchen 
The transaction was fast and efficient

Tamago taste very sweet for an omelette, but we loved it. It was so thick just like a cake, yet it's an omelette. Don't miss to try Tamago in Japan, especially when visiting Tsukiji!

Our Expensive Breakfast at Tsukiji

After buying the Tamago, we turn left and got in one of the lanes. Actually there were many interesting shops we could find along the lanes, but it was too crowded! We took pictures and just walked until we found another queue to the sushi restaurants.

One of the lane at Tsukiji Outer Market

We picked one restaurant with not so many queue, because of the limited time we had. And yes the eye catching fish head in front of the restaurant was one of the reason why we would like to try eating there:D

The fish says "Hello!"
We are going inside the restaurant

All the restaurants we found were small and packed with people. And so was the one we had chosen. Actually we wanted to sit at the sushi bar, but they requested us to sit on the second floor.

The sushi bar

It was the most expensive breakfast we had throughout 2015, we had to pay JPY5,500 for our sashimi and an eel rice bowl. The price was well worth it because the food was extremely delicious! By the way, we didn't order their sushi, because we had enough sushi already:D

Our last breakfast in 2015
The tuna and salmon sashimi, very fresh!
The thick tuna sashimi
This was my favorite: ricebowl with unagi (eel)
The real wasabi

I read that Tsukiji Fish Market will be moved to the new place in Q3 of 2016, so make sure you visit Tsukiji beforehand. 

It was the last date for me and mr.husband in 2015, a special one because we spent it in the Tsukiji Fish Market, mr.husband's number one bucketlist in Tokyo:D

written on January 9, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. aduh ngiler liat unagi ricebowlnya..enak nampaknya ya mbak tes.. menyesal deh kemaren belum sempet mampir kesini..hiks

    1. Aah iya Bubu, wajib kesini ya lain kali. Enak banget itu unagi rice bowl nya:)

  2. gw jg ke tsukiji tgl 31/12 waktu itu ... not knowing kalau tgl segitu semua org Tokyo jg pada belanja utk masak Taon baru... jadi mmg extra crowded

    1. Gila ya ramenya, Astrid..
      Ditambah lagi pasar satunya closed, jadi semua ke outer market. Tapi seru sih pengalaman hehehe..

  3. gimana rasanya fresh wasabi kak?? bikin merem melek sama idung meler yah? hahahaha

    btw kok bisa sih berangkatnya jam 9? kamu nginepnya di mana?

    1. Hahaha exactly Mei!
      Iya emang santai liburannya Mei, jadi baru berangkat jam 9. Hehehe...

  4. makan seafood sepuasnya yah kak disini

    1. Lebih tepatnya makan seafood sesuai kantong Win hehehe..

  5. Huaaahhh jadi pingin ke sana juga...
    Kapan ya? Hiks...

  6. nah kalo tsukiji market ini g bakal aku hapus dr itin mba, krn aku emg dgr di sini sushi dan sashiminya seger2 ^o^!! sbg pecinta sushi ga bakal mau aku ngelewatin tempat begini :D

  7. Ah ngiler banget sashimi sama unaginyaaa ���� penasaran jg sama real wasabi hihi

    1. Hahaha iya enak banget unaginya Amel. Kalau ke Tokyo, wajib kesini ya.

  8. Hallo mba tesya, mau nanya apakah disana bisa request matengnya ya? N kehalalannya gimana? Trimakasih pencerahannya... :-)

    1. Hai FItri, makanan yang saya pesen itu mateng, Eel Rice Bowl.
      Nah kalau masalah halal memang enggak ada sertifikatnya. Saya sih menghindari yang pake kuah-kuah.

  9. mb, kl di Jepang makan sushi halal ga ya?ak pgn coba asal aja pokoknya sushi, tp tkut g halal ?ato ad saran?

    1. Hai Mba, memang tidak halal certified. Kalau Mba mau yang halal ceritified, bisa makan di restoran sushi yang halal. Kalau saya beli onigiri sih Mba seringnya di convenience store, dan saya beli yang ikan.