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Weekend Getaway: Island Hopping & Staying at Fairfield by Marriott Belitung

After a while, we went back to Belitung for a weekend birthday trip. Although we only stayed one night, but the island hopping was unforgettable. This time, we had to experience a heavy rain on the boat, it was very scary but our Kiddos said they will never forget the moment:D

We only visited Pulau Kepayang and Pulau Pasir Gosong, it was because our flight was rescheduled from 06.30am to 09.30am. We arrived approaching lunch at Hanandjoeddin airport. However we managed to snorkel at two spots, and played at the beautiful beaches.

A midday playing session at Pulau Kepayang
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Artotel Jogjakarta Review: Hotel With A Slide

If you are looking for a family friendly hotel in Jogjakarta, you can have a look at Artotel Jogjakarta. I found this hotel through Traveloka, and when I saw the slide in their lobby, I thought it will be an awesome experience for our Kiddos. And so it was, we took the slide from M level to the lobby over and over again.

The hotel's concept is very unique, it collaborates with local artist to display their art at the hotel. From the lobby to the room, you can enjoy beautiful paintings on the wall. And all of them made the hotel looks really attractive.

The front desk area at Artotel Jogjakarta
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Catatan Umroh April 2018: 4 Hari 3 Malam di Makkah

Tulisan ini merupakan rangkaian catatan mengenai perjalanan Umroh yang saya lakukan bersama mr.husband pada pertengahan April 2018. Teman-teman silahkan lihat di IG @tesyasblog dimana kami juga sudah sharing hashtag #CatatanUmroh. Tulisan di posting ini adalah tambahan dari apa yang sudah kami share via IG.

Semoga catatan random ini bisa memberikan gambaran khususnya untuk teman-teman Muslim yang belum pernah pergi ke Tanah Suci. Dan untuk teman-teman yang sudah pergi ke sana dan ingin mencurahkan rasa kangennya, saya tunggu di kolom komentar ya :)

Suatu pagi di pelataran Masjidil Haram

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