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Amaris Bugis Review: Hotel di Singapura Rp 1 Juta-an

"Mba, saya cari hotel murah di Bugis untuk keluarga, sebaiknya apa ya?"

Banyak pembaca blog yang bertanya kepada saya mengenai hotel murah di Bugis, Singapura. Dan karena faktor lokasi yang very central, hotel di Bugis itu cukup mahal.

Pilihan hotel di Bugis yang Rp 1 juta di antaranya Fragrance Bugis, Marrison Hotel yang reviewnya pernah saya tulis di sini, Parkview dan ada juga chain hotel Indonesia yang membuka cabang disana, yaitu Amaris Bugis. Tapi ya itu, kamarnya kecil-kecil, kalau anaknya masih kecil dan hanya satu, mungkin cukup.

Familiar kan dengan lambang "a" ini?

Mr.husband pernah menginap di Amaris Bugis dan membawakan saya oleh-oleh berupa foto hotel dan kamar Amaris Bugis. Siapa tau bisa menjadi referensi teman-teman yang mencari hotel di Bugis dengan harga Rp 1 juta-an.
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The Rinra Makassar Hotel Review

The Rinra Makassar, I have never heard about this hotel until my friend from Makassar's office, Pak Rissyo introduced it to me. I checked its website and was stunned by the pool of The Rinra Makassar. As a matter of fact, pool doesn't really get along with the tight schedule.

We arrived late, and got the chance to see the swimming pool of The Rinra Makassar on the next day. Cameras were not allowed at the pool, so my GoPro was used instead, and the security guy didn't stop me from using it. And the below picture was just epic, because both of my friends, Ibu Rita and Lucia's shirts were the same with the pillows!:D

What a coincidence!
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Visiting Rammang-Rammang Village, Makassar

The idea to visit Rammang-Rammang came from a friend at Makassar's office. Pak Rissyo said that it is the second largest karst in the world, and the largest karst in Indonesia. The next thing I did was googling abouth Rammang-Rammang Village in Makassar, and I fell in love with this place.

Pak Rissyo arranged the trip for us. We managed to leave the hotel at 8 am, headed to Rammang-Rammang and back to the airport at midday, because we had a flight to catch to Palu.

All the effort was really worth it, because this is the first sight I saw when we arrived at the small jetty for all the long tail boats going to Rammang-Rammang Village.

From the very first start, I knew this trip would be a special one
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