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Unforgettable Experience in Cappadocia: Organic Breakfast From Kelebek Cave Hotel

Cappadocia is not only about the balloons hunting or the balloons ride. This place is special for us also because of the experience staying at Kelebek Cave Hotel. I haven't written my review about the hotel yet, but as I am trying to have a healthy lifestyle at the moment, I would like to share with you about our Organic Breakfast which was provided by the hotel.

When I sent email to the hotel before booking our rooms, I asked the hotel regarding the Organic Breakfast. The hotel staff replied my email and said that the breakfast is free for the guests staying at Kelebek Cave Hotel. What lovely!

On our third morning at Cappadocia, we were transferred by a tractor from the hotel to one farm located down the hill. And when we got there, the fresh and organic vegetables welcome us. For sure, it was an unforgettable experience that we had in Cappadocia.

Look at those yummy food!
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Sapporo With Kids: Visiting Moerenuma Park

After our breakfast at Nijo Fish Market and the chairlift at Okurayama Ski Jump, we continued our journey to one huge park in Sapporo which is called Moerenuma Park. Having seen all the pictures on its website, we put this park on our must visit place in Sapporo.

Moerenuma Park was built by sculptor Isamu Noguchi. It was designed based on the concept "the whole being a single sculptor". So that the fountain and the hills inside the park form many geometric shapes in the expansive ground. 

Moerenuma seen from one of the hill
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Fillmore Coffee Jakarta: Where To Get Your Sunday Fix

I wouldn't know about this hidden coffeeshop in the heart of Jakarta, if my friend Joan didn't introduce me to Fillmore Coffee. The highlight from Joan was: the coffee at Fillmore is really good and the place is awesome.

We went to Fillmore on a Sunday morning. Although navigated by Waze, we got lost because we didn't notice that it is in the same building as Suites at Seven. We passed the building two times already, and when we finally reached the coffeeshop and told the owner that we got lost, he told me, "You have to get lost to find Fillmore" hahaha. Ok, so I assume we were not the only one:p

The effort was well worth it, Fillmore coffee shop is a small but really lovely coffeeshop to have our Sunday fix.

Welcome to Fillmore
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