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Weekend Getaway to Hong Kong: Where To Stay and What To Do In Hong Kong In Two Days

Hong Kong is one of my favorite destination for its vibrant life, halal dim sum and of course: no visa requirement. I visited Hong Kong with my family, double date with BuDin @diniros or only with Mr.husband. But this time was different, I went with my friends (mostly my office mates), a group of 9 people. 

I wasn't sure about taking a group and explore Hong Kong as a backpacker. But there always be the first time for everything, and that includes being a tour leader for my friends in Hong Kong and Macau.

Thanks to Air Asia promo ticket, we went after office on Friday night, transit in Kuala Lumpur, and arrived in Hong Kong the next morning. 

Arriving at Hong Kong International Airport

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Penang With Kids: Taking The Train To Penang Hill and Visit The Habitat

It is going to be another post about Penang after 7 years! Wow, it has been a long time since our last visit to Penang. We choose Penang as our first destination to go abroad with our kiddos, our youngest was only 2 years old back then. If you'd like to see other posts regarding Penang, please read in this link.

Mr.husband had this idea to go back to Penang for a culinary trip. So I put Penang on my 2019 bucketlist, and bought the ticket during Air Asia big sale. I was quiet amazed that we got a return ticket for IDR 3,400,000 for four person, on a long weekend.

We didn't make itinerary for this trip, all I wanted was to visit Penang Hill by taking the funicular train. I love seing the view from top of Penang.

Penang in the morning, as seen from Penang Hill
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Macau in One Night: Strolling Around Senado Square And Visit Macau Night Market

When you had travelled a lot with many groups, you will end up knowing people with different characters, culture and habit. This will lead you at the end to categorize people that you may called "best travel mates".

I started my story this way, because I would like to introduce you to one group which I like so much, never complaint, always eat, always happy, and allow me to do coffee shop hunting:D I travelled with this group to Bangkok before, and the second time was to Hong Kong and Macau.

If you happen to read this post guys, thank you for the time you spent with me over the weekend. And yes this story is written especially for you, and my blog readers who plan a getaway to Macau.

Thank you for our beautiful memories in Macau
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