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Svarga Resort Lombok: Where To Stay In Senggigi

I found Svarga Resort Lombok from the message I got via airbnb. I was searching airbnb apartment in Senggigi area, and the host told me that the listing located near Svarga Resort Lombok. I google the place and I fell in love with it. At the end, I didn't continue booking via airbnb, I reserved a room at Svarga Resort Lombok instead.

Our first time staying at Senggigi was at The Puncak, and we loved seeing the beautiful Lombok sky from the resort. And that was why I finally book a room at Svarga Resort Lombok. We could enjoy the sky from the infinity pool.

Not only the pool which made me book the room, but also the resort ambiance with its iconic "Batu Bolong". A stone with a whole in the middle.

The "Batu Bolong" at night
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Our First Night at Osaka: Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi

It was our first time ever visiting Osaka, and our itinerary was only two: visiting Mels Coffee Roaster and Dotonbori area. Of course the coffee tour was the idea of mr.husband. While my request was to take picture with the Glico. Just like everyone else:D

We left our apartment around 6pm and walked to Mels Coffee Roaster. You can read our coffee trip in Japan in this link. Then we asked the owner of Mels whether Dotonbori was in a walking distance. He answered that it is a 15 minutes enjoyable walk to reach Dotonbori. So we decided to walk, and ended up enjoying beautiful street of Osaka at dawn.

Read on, my post this time will be full of pictures :)

Beautiful Osaka during winter

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Pablo Cheese Tart, Shinsaibashi Store Osaka

After the opening of Pablo Cheese Tart Indonesia in Jakarta (Nov 2016), and of course seeing the queue, we intended to visit one of the Pablo Store in Japan. The price of the cheese tart in Indonesia is doubled, and we had a plan to visit Kyoto and Osaka in Jan 2017 anyway, so why not visiting one of the Pablo store?

Mr.husband said that there are Pablo Cheese Tart stores in Osaka, one of them is near Dotonbori. And among the crowd, we saw the very eye catching store of Pablo Cheese Taart in Shinsaibashi.

Finally, we found the Pablo Cheese Tart store in Japan, for the first time :)

Hello, Pablo!

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