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Finding Halal Ramen in Sapporo: Ramen Horyu

One of our bucketlist in Sapporo is to try the famous Horyu Ramen, as it's one of the option to find halal food in Sapporo. Horyu (or sometimes written as "Houryu") was established in 1957, and categorized as a Muslim friendly restaurant. Meaning they separate the cooking/dining utensils for Muslim guests, and also they serve food with no pork or alcohol.

Sapporo is famous for its ramen, so a visit to Horyu Ramen was a must for us. We went there on our first night in Sapporo, it's located in a walking distance from our hostel in Susukino area: The Grids Hotel+Hostel.

Bear in mind that the place of Horyu Ramen is small and always crowded. We had to wait outside on a bench just in front of the shop until our turn has come.

Waiting in front of Horyu Ramen, Sapporo
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Our Tokyo Coffee Trip: This Is How We Fell In Love With Blue Bottle Coffee

Perhaps, you have read regarding our coffee trip in Japan back in January 2017 when we visited coffee shops in Arashiyama, Kyoto and Osaka. Now, let me tell you our story how we flew thousand miles from home to visit this famous coffee shop in Tokyo: The Blue Bottle Coffee.

Inline with our travel mantra: Travel Begins With A Dream, we develop our itinerary everytime we travel by combining mr.husband's, our Kiddos and my dreams. Our family trip to Hokkaido combined my dream to visit Farm Tomita's lavender field, and mr.husband's wishlist to visit Blue Bottle Coffee in Tokyo.

That was why we transit one night in Tokyo before going to Sapporo, so we had the time to visit Blue Bottle Coffee. From all the branches, mr.husband picked Blue Bottle Coffee in Shinagawa. And when I arrived at the place, I understand why. The coffee shop was so eye catching from afar!

The Blue Bottle Coffee in Shinagawa is located at "Atre"
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Things To See & Do Around JR Furano Station

Yup, you may ask me why would I want to write a special post regarding a JR Station in a city called Furano? Having traveled very slow in Furano with my family, it gave me time to explore the place around JR Furano Station.

And if you are planning to visit Furano to see the lavender, you might want to explore the surrounding between your waiting time to catch the next train.

The station itself is very beautiful, located in a quiet and small town of Furano. I will tell you what to do around JR Furano Station, according to our experience.

Flowers in front of JR Furano Station
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