Sop Buah Gedung Sate

You may find Sop Buah all over Indonesia nowadays, and of course you will find so many version of it in Bandung. One of those places is Sop Buah Mang Ewok, in front of Gedung Sate Bandung.

Mang Ewok, the owner of this place, only sell Sop Buah. One bowl consist of many fruits as you may see in the picture below, cost only IDR 6,000. For sure you will feel so full and healthy when you eat one portion of the sop buah.

If you're still hungry, just beside Mang Ewok, you will find Nasi Bakar with chicken, tempe and tofu. This set menu cost IDR 15,000.

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Pancious Mall Kelapa Gading

Finally MKG has Pancious....and the resto is always crowded during lunch and dinner time. Its speciality is of course pancake, but for me the original pancake with only butter and maple syrup is the best menu. I don't like pancake with ice cream, or with any other topping. It is too much.

We also ordered their pasta..we had mushroom fetucini, and they serve it with fried mushroom on the top of the fetucini. It cost IDR 50,000, which is worthy as the portion is big.The other thing that must have in Pancious is their burger. My fave is The Lot Burger. It's big and very tasty. It tastes better than burger king which located not far from Pancious. The burger cost IDR 45,000.

For the drinks, try their fruit tea for IDR 35,000, can be shared for four people.

For the drinks, try their fruit tea for IDR 35,000, can be shared for four people.

For the drinks, try their fruit tea for IDR 35,000, can be shared for four people.

Our tip if you dine at pancious with your friends, share all the menu! - as the portion of their menu is big. So you can have all: the pancake, the burger and also the pasta.
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Warung Laos Cihampelas

One saturday night when we decided to have a date at Ciwalk to see My Name is Khan, it ended up with a dinner at Laos as we didn't succeed to get the ticket. The cafe was full, fortunately we still get a table for both of us (otherwise maybe we'll end up at warung ayam goreng just beside Laos:p).

Actually I don't like the atmosphere at the 2nd floor because I think it's too dark (if you eat here, make sure you sit on the 1st floor, the same floor as the kitchen). But it was paid up with the taste of the food we ordered that night. Rene ordered nasi goreng ikan asin...and yes it was very yummy!

I ordered margarita pizza, my fave when I eat italian pizza. The pizza is also very nice.Actually they also have pasta, lasagna, and their other special menu is sausage. But one pizza is enough for that night.

Rene also ordered orange float which is delicious.

Laos is not very expensive. The pizza we ordered cost IDR 30,000, and the nasi goreng is IDR 25,000. For the drinks it range between IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000. You'll find so many pictures by Darwis Triadi inside Laos. The gossip is that he also one of the owners of this place. I don't know whether it's true or not:p All in all, it's a nice place to relax after you shop in Cihampelas area.

Warung Laos, 022-2030516
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Bakso Malang Enggal Jalan Burangrang

Another cheap food from Bandung..when you pass Jalan Burangrang and you see one place where people make a long queue..for sure it is Bakso Malang Enggal. They begins with small kiosk and now they have their own place. Their branch in Jalan Pasteur Bandung even bigger than the one in jalan Burangrang.

Why is this so special? Beside that it's cheap..(one complete set menu is only IDR 10,000) also taste great. Ask for more soup to keep you warm. Don't forget to choose the fried bakwan, fried siomay and the tofu. For me the best thing is their bakso urat. Hmmmm...

written on March 22, 2010
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Roti Bakar Gang Kote Bandung

Bandung is well known with its cheap and yummy street food.. Now we're going to tell you about the roti bakar (toast bread) Gang Kote. Gang Kote is the name of the little street where this roti bakar stall is located. It only opens in the evening 'till midnight. And for sure we have to queue to get our roti bakar, as this place is very well known since '70.

Look at how thick the roti bakar is.. For this huge roti bakar the price range from IDR 20,000 to IDR 25,000. Eat it with a cup of coffee in the cold Bandung air at night...hmmm... I have many reasons to love Bandung so much:D

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Magic Pizza Riau Junction

Riau Junction is our fave place to do the grocery shopping when we are in Bandung as it has the yogya dept store. Just last week we went there, we found a little corner selling pizza called magic pizza.

We can make and choose our own topping.. First off all we choose the pizza base: pan, thin or crispy and the sauce : tomato, carbonara and mushroom. It costs 28,000 for the pizza base, sauce, mozarella cheese, and three kind of vegetables. Than choose the topping: meat, sausage, chicken, peperoni, squid, prawn..each for IDR 12,500. If you would like to add more vegetable, than you have to pay IDR 1,000 for each additional veggie.

Voila...this is it our magic pizza:

The taste is so so for the pizza, considering the price, it's cheap and ok lah..
We also order the smoked beef panini and it tastes costs IDR 15,000 with 20% discount. A great food to start our sunday morning in Bandung:)

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Nasi Ayam Made Wati Sanur

Been to Sanur Beach but have never tried this breakfast menu? have to go back there! Bali, our fave place to take holiday, has so much to offer, range from expensive to very cheap food like Nasi Ayam (chicken rice) Made Wati. Made Wati I believe is the name of the owner of this place.

The place is small, when it's full, you can eat in your cars. It is located at Sanur or to be more precise at Sindhu beach. If you want to find this place, first of all ask where is McD Sanur. Than when you've found McD, just go straight 'till the road ends and you find the beach. This warung is located on the right side, just before the beach. Opens from 7.30 am daily until 10am.

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MOS Burger MOI Kelapa Gading

Back to our food review.. now we'd like to share about this delicious burger, called MOS. MOS is a Japanese burger. MOS stands for Mountain, Ocean and Sun .. Located just beside Funworld Mall of Indonesia (where Najmi loves to play), this resto is really our fave place because I can sit there eating fries with Arkan, while Najmi is playing with Bapap.

The burger with price range between IDR 20,000 to IDR 30,000, is much much better than McD. They also have a package meal consist of burger, fries and lemon tea for IDR 30,000.

They also have a salad..I guess it's a japanese salad, but for me it tastes so strange! The most special menu from MOS is their rice burger, which I will never ever try..haha.. But Bapap says that it tastes good.

I don't know why, but I always think MOS is a healthy food not like other burger. Give it a try..
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Victoria Peak and Madam Tussaud HK

Visiting the Peak during a foggy day was not a good idea at all..but unfortunately the tour schedule must be followed. The tour bus took us directly to Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus. We had to ride a tram to go to the Peak. When we arrived, we saw the ticket booth, but as the ticket was already provided by the tour, we went directly to catch up the tram.

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The Royal Plaza Hotel HK

Would like to share where I stay in Hongkong during my 3 days tour..we stayed at Royal Plaza in Mongkok Area (Kowloon), the hotel is above Mongkok East station, which is convenient as we can go everywhere using MTR (just like MRT in spore, but in HK it is inexpensive). 

The hotel is connected to Grand Century Palace, a huge mall which also have a cinema inside.

The price I checked in Agoda is around IDR 900,000 (USD 90) per night as of March 2010. This price is very cheap considering the size of the room, which is very spacious for Hongkong hotel size, and also the great location. Fortunately I get a triple room only for myself..a bit weird to sleep alone though, but as the room is very comfy, I can sleep well trhu the night. Have a look at the pictures of this hotel.

And this is the view from the hotel:

If you go with your family, I would recommend this hotel. The price is ok for all of the facilities they offer. One thing to keep in mind, do not expect the hotel staff to be friendly to you. This is the bad thing about this hotel that people complaint about in the guest reviews of tripadvisor.
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Avenue of Stars

Avenue of stars located at Tsim Sha Tsui promenade (and along Victoria Harbour) was designed to recognize the film industry's contribution in promoting HK as a destination worldwide. Along this place, you will find sclupture of notable stars, just like one that I took picture with.

As it is located at the harbour, it's really a nice place to take pictures of the harbour, with Hongkong buildings as the background.

Sogo is also located in front of the Harbour, too bad due to time constraint, I didn't go inside Sogo.

As a touris attraction, there are a lot of photographers offering to take picture and to be printed in their special kiosk..hmm..really interesting business!

Our tour also provide photographer and offer us our group picture for HKD 50, and also our personal picture to be printed on a plate just like a souvenir worth HKD 100. I didn't buy any of that, enough with the group picture that I took with my pocket camera.

A tip from me, it's better to visit this place at the evening when it's illuminated with tons of twinkling lights. And also it has a laser show called symphony of lights which starts at 8 pm for 15 minutes. I will go back for the laser show. Amiiin..

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Tsim Sha Tsui

Finally time for shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui ('TST').... Before shopping, we had dinner at City Chiuw Chow Resto. As the name sounds, again I didn't eat anything here, and choose to eat Pop Mie I brought in my backpack. There's a sushi resto in the ground floor, but when I tried to order, still they have sushi filled with Pork. Oh my difficult to eat in HK hehe..

Just before going back to Jakarta, I finally found a halal certified at the resto which is Popeyes, located at the airport.

After dinner, the tour organized a barongsai show.. thought the barongsai will be a real show, a huge one. But it was only a tiny barongsai..

TST located in the south of Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong, is one of the most famous shopping paradise. It is a concentration of stores, shopping malls, restaurants and office buildings. Whenever you walk in the street, you will be confronted by heavy traffic and the crowd of citizens and tourist. But everything is very orderly. Love this place, it's really Hongkong:p

I didn't do that much shopping..except for body shop, esprit, bossini and my purple shoes. Esprit are quiet cheap here, especially when you buy discount items. Bossini is very cheap here compared to prices in indonesia. For sure, you have to shop bossini in HK :)

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Jumbo Floating Resto

This time, I wouldn't write about food review in this resto. Cause I'm quite sure the food in Jumbo Floating Resto Hongkong is not Halal. That's why I only eat rice with the food I brought from Indonesia:p

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