Avenue of Stars

Avenue of stars located at Tsim Sha Tsui promenade (and along Victoria Harbour) was designed to recognize the film industry's contribution in promoting HK as a destination worldwide. Along this place, you will find sclupture of notable stars, just like one that I took picture with.

As it is located at the harbour, it's really a nice place to take pictures of the harbour, with Hongkong buildings as the background.

Sogo is also located in front of the Harbour, too bad due to time constraint, I didn't go inside Sogo.

As a touris attraction, there are a lot of photographers offering to take picture and to be printed in their special kiosk..hmm..really interesting business!

Our tour also provide photographer and offer us our group picture for HKD 50, and also our personal picture to be printed on a plate just like a souvenir worth HKD 100. I didn't buy any of that, enough with the group picture that I took with my pocket camera.

A tip from me, it's better to visit this place at the evening when it's illuminated with tons of twinkling lights. And also it has a laser show called symphony of lights which starts at 8 pm for 15 minutes. I will go back for the laser show. Amiiin..

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