Nasi Ayam Made Wati Sanur

Been to Sanur Beach but have never tried this breakfast menu? have to go back there! Bali, our fave place to take holiday, has so much to offer, range from expensive to very cheap food like Nasi Ayam (chicken rice) Made Wati. Made Wati I believe is the name of the owner of this place.

The place is small, when it's full, you can eat in your cars. It is located at Sanur or to be more precise at Sindhu beach. If you want to find this place, first of all ask where is McD Sanur. Than when you've found McD, just go straight 'till the road ends and you find the beach. This warung is located on the right side, just before the beach. Opens from 7.30 am daily until 10am.

The food is really Indonesian..rice, than they put a lot of things on the top as you may seen from the picture. Than don't forget to ask more chili sauce or the sambal on your plate. It's really hot. Hmm..yummy... For one plate like in the below picture, you have to pay IDR 15,000.

A must visit place when you're in Bali especially when you're bored with the hotel breakfast.

written on March 16, 2010 by @tesyasblog

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