Victoria Peak and Madam Tussaud HK

Visiting the Peak during a foggy day was not a good idea at all..but unfortunately the tour schedule must be followed. The tour bus took us directly to Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus. We had to ride a tram to go to the Peak. When we arrived, we saw the ticket booth, but as the ticket was already provided by the tour, we went directly to catch up the tram.

It was really cloudy that day, on the tram we couldn't see anything due to the fog. Normally when you sit on the right side of the tram (when you're going up, and on the left side of the tram when you're going down), you could see Hongkong's panorama, too bad we could see nothing but fog . However riding the tram is very challenging. The roundtrip ticket price is HKD 56 for one adult.

At the peak tower there's also a mall inside. Beside money changer and souvenir shops, you will find some branded items here. Well, everywhere you go in HK, they always provide shopping area.

Madam Tussaud is located here. If you want to visit the museum, you have to pay HKD 160 for one person. Expensive right, but inside you will find the sclupture from public figures all around the world. And they all look very real.

Visiting Victoria Peak is a must, but go inside madam tussaud... well, my opinion it is not really recommended, except when you really want to take picture with your idol, even if they are not real.

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  1. Wuiih... What a great blog Bu Tesya:)! Rich of information and full of great pictures from many places. Very nice hobby, a hobby that most of people dreamed of, make me 'jealous', hehe... Keep traveling and writing!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog Mario..kamu juga ya keep on writing! hehe