Symphony of Light from Avenue of Star

Arrived at ferry Piere in Tsim Sha Tsui, we went directly to Avenue of Stars because it's 7.30 pm already. From the Piere you can just walk to the right side, the Avenue of Stars located just beside the Piere. Find this big clock, and go to the 2nd level, you may find seats facing the river with all of the bulidings at the background. The lighting even before the show starts was really facsinating.

We were late so all the seats were already full. Rene and Emas had to use the recycle bin to put the camera and its tripod, so that we can have a good picture of the show. The show started at 8 pm sharp and lasted only for 15 minutes (during bad weather, there will be no show). I can say it's really a nice show, but I told to myself that Singapore, if it has such a show, they will be able to make it a more attractive one. I was not really impressed with the show. Or maybe because I didn't get any seat so I couldn't enjoy it like other people? Still in my opinion this show is a must see atraction in Hongkong.

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