Temple Street Market

After the laser show, we still continued our schedule with visiting the Temple Street Market located near Jordan MTR station (just one stop from TST MTR station). The street is sometimes known as Men's street, as it's very popular for men's fashion.

You may find hawkers stall offering seafood, (of course none of them were halal food). We were so hungry, and ended up again eating Indian food. Oh no...I ate so many naan with chicken curry while we're in Hongkong:p

The market offers so many goods such as watches, clothes, shoes, bags, CD, and many other items. We didn't stay long at the market 'cause we were already exhausted. We just bought kids watches and t-shirts. Then we went back to our hotel using MTR, prepare for our tomorrow's trip

tag: liburan ke Hongkong, tempat belanja murah di Hongkong

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