The Venetian Hotel Macau

Using the City of Dreams free shuttle bus from the Macau Tower, we arrived at the City of Dreams hotel which located in all of the casinos area. Beside City of Dreams there's Hard Rock Hotel, Hyatt and also Crown. Then at the opposite we may find the Venetian hotel and also the Four Season. All the hotels we'll be so beautiful with its lighting. It's like mini Las Vegas. Too bad we couldn't stay until all the lights are on.

We crossed the road and take pictures in front of the Venetian hotel. There's also Gondola in front of the hotel.

Then we went inside the hotel, the design interior is really incredible..look how beautiful it is...

After taking pictures, we tried to find the famous canal shops. We went outside again, but we couldn't find it. I told everyone, that I saw once in the travel & living channel that there's a mall inside the hotel with its artificial canal and sky. As we couldn't find it, we decided to go back to the ferry terminal using the free shuttle bus from the Venetian hotel lobby. Then we found the gate to Canal shops just near the lobby! We were so happy.
After taking the escalator, we arrived at the canal shops and were surprised with how beautiful it was. They made it as of in the Venetian, I mean looks like the real one in Italy: with its canal in the middle and the Gondola. If you want to try the gondola, you have to pay HKD100 for one person. We didn't try the gondola, we just continue our window shopping.
After doing our windows shopping, we went back to the ferry terminal using the free shuttle bus from the Venetian hotel. The bus terminal located at the enf of the canal shops, you can't take the bus from the hotel lobby. Then we bought the ferry ticket to Hongkong. Don't know why but the price is more expensive compared to the ferry ticket Kowloon-Macau.

That was the end of our 1 day trip in Macau. We love every corner of it, and for sure would love to come back. Aminnn

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  1. Hallo Mbak Tesya , one day trip ke Macau mborong apa ? kantong belanjaan nya mana nih he he he .....

    1. Hai Nurul...aku belanja baju buat kiddos aja, yang penting sibuk foto aja sih di Macau hahahha:D

  2. Halo Mba Tesya, kamu ga nginep di macau ya mba? Hotel yang recomended di Macau apa mba? Tks

    1. Hai Mba, enggak Mba aku PP aja waktu itu..