A visit to Macau Tower

After a 15 minutes drive with the taxi, we arrived at Macau Tower. The weather was perfect for me as it was cloudy, but not for Rene and Emas who wished to have a sunny day for their taking pictures purposes.

The tower is 338m high as its highest point. From the highest viewing deck it is possible to see 55km away. We didn't go inside the tower, we just take pictures in front of it.

Just beneath the tower, there's a shopping mall and from the banner I saw there's a Toys R Us inside! Yeaaay so happy!! But when I went inside, the Toys R Us was so small compared to the one I visited in Festival Walk Hongkong. So we just bought little truck and also an airplane boomerang for our boys. The Thomas stuff will wait until we went back to Hongkong.

Than we wanted to go to the famous Venetian Hotel to see its canal shops. We asked the security guy whether there is any bus from Macau Tower to the Venetian hotel. He said that there's no bus from the tower to The Venetian, instead we can go by the free shuttle from City of Dreams hotel that runs every 30 minutes. The City of Dreams located in front of the Ventian Hotel. Wow what a good idea..

So after shalat and lunch at Macau mall, we got into the shuttle bus and went to the City of Dreams. By the way, there wasn't any halal food at the mall, so we bought package of caesar salad with two croissant. And there was also no prayers room, we did our prayer in the open space area beneath the tower.

written on May 25, 2010 Italic

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