Using budget airline from Hongkong International airport

Finally it's time for us to leave Hongkong after all the sightseeing, the shopping, the taking picture session, and all the Indian food:p We took our lugage at Hop Inn, and walked to the A21 bus stop which took us directly to the airport. Please note that the bus stop is different than the one we're coming from the airport. It's in the opposite side.

By the way, we have returned our octopus card at the MTR station. They gave us our deposit which is HKD 50 minus HKD 5 for their fee, and also the remaining balance. So we pay cash for the A21 bus fare which is HKD 33.

As we're flying with jetstar, we have to go to terminal 2. And we thought that we're going to fly for terminal 2 as well. Little bit dissappointed with the budget terminal, there's no Popeyes (the only halal certified food in HK I knew so far beside the Indian food), and the Disney shop is smaller than in terminal 1. We checked in at the counters and forgot to ask the emergency seat this time. Oh nooo.. The lady said that after checked in, we have to go to terminal 1 because the immigration is in the terminal 1 and all flights fly from terminal 1.

So we walked to the underpass that linked terminal 2 to terminal 1, and we were surprisingly so close to terminal 1. So after the immigration, we had dinner at Popeyes, shop a bit at the Disney shop, we went to the gate. Our 8 pm flight was delayed 1 hour.

We all slept during the flight, and arrived at Spore at 1.30 am. Bye hongkong... we had fun, really!

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