Jape Methe Cibubur

Now let's see what I can found around my house in Kota Wisata Cibubur. Near our cluster, there's a what so called Fresh Market, which also have food stalls starting at 5 pm. And I think I have to review one of the best stall which is Jape Methe. Actually they have some branches, not only in Kota Wisata. But I am not sure the precise location of their branches.

The taste is really nice and original from central java. Tried their mie goreng (fried noodle), we often order the mixed one between mie and bihun, and it taste better than only the mie or the bihun. It cost IDR 14,000.

However for me, the best one is their mie godok (soup noodle), the soup taste fabulous. Really nice to have this when it's raining. The price is the same both for the fried one or the mie godok.

Come to Kota Wisata and try this Jape Methe. I am sure you'll love it.

written on December 12, 2010

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