Iga Sapi Bali Jogjakarta

This is a very unique food that we found accidentally in yogya, the Iga Sapi Bali (rib). We stayed in a budget hotel called Rumah Palagan and when we walked to a mini maart we found the billboard of Iga Sapi Bali which is only a walking distance from our hotel.

To reach this place, you got to find the street named Palagan Tentara Pelajar, than go straight until you pass the Hyatt, turn right after Pari-Pari (a seafood resto), and you'll find the billboard of the iga sapi bali, than turn left.

We took our parents there to try the Iga Sapi Bali. One portion cost IDR 30,000, we may choose to have the spicy one or the less spicy. All the spice made it a real special food.

Beside iga sapi bali, they have beef satay, five pieces for around IDR 20,000, which is my fave. I prefer to have this than the iga sapi.

If you are not into beef, than try the chicken. Rene tried "kecombrang" I coudn't explain what it is, you may see the picture below:p For me the chicken is too wet, I didn't like it.

The resto is also unique, it's an open concept resto where you can enjoy a small rice field at the back. That's why this resto is always full during lunch and dinner.

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Bandeng Mbak Mar

Yess we're still reviewing our food experinces in Solo, and here comes other traditional food that categorized as another "must try". It is called Warung Bandeng Mbak Mar, located on Jalan Gajahmada, still around Novotel. Mbak is how we call Javanese lady prior to her name (to be more polite), while Mar perhaps derrives from the name of the owner (too bad I didn't ask the waiter though). The warung speciality is the ikan bandeng (milkfish).

Upon arrival, guest must choose the food from an open table. All the fishes were half fried or half grilled. We choose to have ikan bandeng, and also the shrimp. Mmmm they were so crunchy and came with a delicious sambal.

All of the food were so cheap. For example the ikan bandeng was only IDR 20,000 and the portion was big! Guest enjoy the dinner on a lesehan way, meaning without chair.

This warung opens from 6 pm 'till midnight, so if you want to try the lesehan way in Solo, this might be one of the options.

written on 18 Feb 2011
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Bakso Alex, Jalan Gajahmada Solo

This warung was always full since it is open in the morning until they run out of stock. As it is located near Novotel Solo so we pass this warung bakso (meatball little resto) very often. And in one morning we decided to try it.

They serve bakso only and also mie ayam (chicken noodle). One portion is IDR 8,000, very cheap and also taste really delicious. No wonder this warung is always full house.

Find this warung when you visit Solo, and I am sure you will come back.

written on February 15, 2011
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Roda Dim Sum

As we didn't take breakfast package from the hotel, every morning we're looking for the breakfast outside. Than we heard about this yummy and cheap dimsum at Manahan area Solo. Wow...dimsum in Solo? Must try! So after we google for its location, we went to Manahan area. It was on Sunday, so lots of people doing some sport activities near Manahan Stadium. From what we read, it is located near the ardjuna statue, and near Gedung Wanita. And when we get there, we found out that roda dim sum located just beside the Goela Kelapa resto.

There are only few tables, maybe around 15. We were lucky that we got the seat directly. The dimsum were shown at one booth, they are so tempting!

We tried almost every kind of the dimsum they have, and really it taste good. The price range between IDR 10,000 to IDR 13,000. They also have chicken porridge for IDR 8,000. They also have bakpau series, we tried the one with chicken inside. Yummy.

Aside from the traditional food in Solo which are available in the morning, this dimsum is the must try breakfast in Solo.

written on February 10, 2011
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Goela Kelapa Solo

We found this resto while we were googling to find a place to have a fine dining in Solo. Goela Kelapa, located near Manahan Stadion. Goela means sugar, while Kelapa means coconut. Once you enter the place, you will feel so comfortable surrounded by so many antiques stuff.

At the entrance, we met this guy dressed up as a colonial dutch security. Too bad we weren't dare enough to take picture with him:p As that night was raining, we choose to eat inside, otherwise their open area was a lovely place to have dinner.

We then found out from the menu that they offer Indonesian old cuisine. We even found Sundanese food on the menu and heard other guest asking what nasi tutug oncom was:p Waiting our dinner to be served, they gave us one plate of crackers with the sauce.

As recommended by the waiter, we ordered the nasi bakar (baked rice). Mine was with beef, my parents choose the mixed one: beef and fish. Served on a hot plate, it was the best nasi bakar I have eaten in my entire life!

Rene ordered beef satay, and again I must say that satay should taste like this! It's so delicious.

The food range between IDR 20,000 to IDR 40,000, really cheap compared to the ambience of the resto. Having dinner here made us love Solo even more! Let's plan another visit to Solo!

written on Feb 5, 2011
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Kopitiam Oey Solo

Solo, our fave city after Bandung, has the Kopitiam Oey, a franchise of Kopitiam owned by Pak Bondan: Indonesia's culinair expert as well as a celebrity I might say. To me, Pak Bondan is my idol and my inspiration. He's the one who inspire me to create this blog in the first place.

There are some Kopitiam Oey in Indonesia; in Jakarta it can be found on Jalan Sabang, Bintaro (I don't know where else), in Bali there's one on Jl. Teuku Umar Denpasar, there's also one in Makassar which will soon be open, and my first visit is to their Solo branch, located on Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan 35.

We had a nice brunch at the backyard of the resto. My kids love to play here as the it has a pool and also enough place for them to walk around.

The resto is an old house with an antique atmosphere. The tables, chairs are also antique, which made us feel at home.

Rene ordered their French Toast which cost IDR 15,000. It taste ok, but not my fave food here.

For the drink, Rene ordered Kopi Susu Vietnam for IDR 10,000.

I had a really nice Fried Rice here, large portion too. It cost only IDR 20,000.
The food and beverages are on a really affordable price. Too bad we didn't try their snacks, Pak Bondan recommend the "hollandse kroket" here. Should visit thier other branches than.
With the atmosphere of the resto (especially the backyard), this resto is really recommended to anyone visiting Solo.

written on February 1, 2011
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