Bandeng Mbak Mar

Yess we're still reviewing our food experinces in Solo, and here comes other traditional food that categorized as another "must try". It is called Warung Bandeng Mbak Mar, located on Jalan Gajahmada, still around Novotel. Mbak is how we call Javanese lady prior to her name (to be more polite), while Mar perhaps derrives from the name of the owner (too bad I didn't ask the waiter though). The warung speciality is the ikan bandeng (milkfish).

Upon arrival, guest must choose the food from an open table. All the fishes were half fried or half grilled. We choose to have ikan bandeng, and also the shrimp. Mmmm they were so crunchy and came with a delicious sambal.

All of the food were so cheap. For example the ikan bandeng was only IDR 20,000 and the portion was big! Guest enjoy the dinner on a lesehan way, meaning without chair.

This warung opens from 6 pm 'till midnight, so if you want to try the lesehan way in Solo, this might be one of the options.

written on 18 Feb 2011
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    coba makanan solo yang lain buu.... :p , solo surganya kuliner, belum lg sup iga & pecel bu ugi di tawang mangu