Pasar Klewer and Abon Mesran Solo

Enough review on Solo's culinary experience, now let's talk about shopping in Solo. Of course there are several shopping malls in town, but the most famous place to shop in Solo is Pasar Klewer (pasar=market), where we can buy batik, souvenirs at a very affordable price.

Pasar Klewer located off the west gate of Kraton north's square. It is quite hard to find parking place around the market, so better to take becak or taxi.

Inside the pasar, there are hundred shop in a narrow passageways. No aircon of course, and we have to bargain. We went in, grab some clothes in the first shop we passed by, and went out the market. It was really hot inside:p I didn't enjoy shopping here, but the long sleeve batik I bought was really nice and comfortable to wear.

Actually we can also find Batik shops outside pasar klewer where we can shop comfortably with aircon. But in those shops, the price is fixed and of course more expensive. Especially on those Batik boutiqes having famous brand.

Other thing to shop in Solo of course Solo's traditional snacks where we can buy in a shop called Abon Mesran. When we got there, the shop was full (because of new years vacation). We bought intip and brem our fave snacks.

written on March 21, 2011

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