Tulang Jambal Bandung

Finally we tried this very famous Tulang Jambal (how shall I translate it: bone of dried salted catfish?), which is really really spicy. From what I read, this resto was opened in 2006 and has been one of the top of bandung's culinary food. Me...just heard it a week ago. Unbelievable! And of course we went there directly to have it a try.

It has three branches, one in Jalan Sumur Bandung, one in Jalan Lengkong and the one we visited was on Jalan Ambon (around Jalan Riau). We arrived at 11.15 am (yes we had it for our brunch:p) and had to wait till 11.30 because the food were being delivered from the other branch.

And here it is, the famous Tulang Jambal with rice, tofu and tempe for IDR 21,000.
I am telling you this is really hott!!!! I gave up eating it as I don't like spicy food. But frankly speaking it taste good. Really.
written on Mar 15, 2011

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