Bangkok Loft Inn

I found this hotel as recommended by many travellers on the tripadvisor review. They all rated Bangkok Loft Inn excellent. I checked their website to see how the hotel looks like and of course to check the rate. It was love at the first sight: the rate is very affordable, nice rooms and located near BTS.

I sent my enquiry thru their website to check the room availability. Prior to that, I tried the booking through Agoda to compare the price. The hotel replied my email saying the room is available and they offer their promotion which are: 2,400 baht for two nights incl breakfast and a free pick up from the airport. Wow the rate they offer is cheaper than Agoda.

Prior to our arrival, we asked many questions to the hotel staff as this is going to be our first easy travel experience to Bangkok and Phuket. They always answer our email promptly. We asked regarding the left baggage at the hotel which is free, we asked taxi fare to some points of interest, we asked to have our breakfast to be taken away early in the morning, they are really helpful.

Their service begins from the free pick up where they provide mineral water for us. A small thing, but very meaningful. We were picked up together with other couple from Singapore, so we had the opportunity to discuss our holiday plan. It was Friday evening, thanks God the journey had no traffic jam. We arrived at the hotel when it was raining really hard. The check in was easy and fast, the reception was Pat that night, and she explained the Thai map, showed us the place of interest which are recommended. Pat didn't ask us to pay them in advance. She didn't even ask to pay a deposit.

Bob took us to our room, and terrific, the room is as lovely as it seen on their web! Large bed, very spacious, nice shower, lcd tv, safety box, very clean and homey.

We have a room facing the main road and at the opposite we saw a hawker center. That first night we went down stair again, it was 9.30pm and raining. We met Bob again and he asked "Where are u going?" hahaa.. So we asked them if we can find food at the opposite and whether we can eat it (whether it is halal). Pat said we can, as it is seafood.

On our first night, we had grilled shrimp, very huge for only 300 baht. And also a cup of ice milk tea, which in Indonesia we called it Thai ice tea:p

The next morning we left the hotel at 5.20 am and they packed our breakfast in that early time! The service of this hotel is amazing:)

The following day we had breakfast at the hotel. The restaurant located in a mezzanine, just beside the business room. We ordered the night before that we would like to have a chicken rice. 

But to our surprise, they also provide many other food: cereal, bread, fruits, yogurt, and not too mention juice, milk, they are right on the table and you can just take them. I thought my breakfast will only be the chicken rice with tea. I must say the breakfast compared to the price we are paying, is terrific:)

It was the check out time already, we have to go to the airport on Sunday morning, to catch our flight to Phuket. I discussed with the hotel staff how can I get to the airport. She said I can take meter taxi for 500 baht approx, BTS than the airport link, or they offer us to have an airport taxi for 400 baht all in price. 

As Bangkok BTS doesn't have any escalator and we didn't feel like taking our luggage up to the BTS station, we decided to take the airport taxi. Just to give all means of transportation a try, as we will be trying the Airport Link when we come back from Phuket. The hotel staff called the taxi, they asked us to wait at the lobby, and they even give us a glass of orange juice before we left the hotel. Incredible service:)

If there is going to be another chance to visit Bangkok, for sure I will come back to this hotel. And I would recommend anyone reading this post to stay at Bangkok Loft Inn if you visit Bangkok. Special note to my Indonesian friends, not many Indonesians have stayed here. Heeey move up from those hotels around Bangkok malls, you just don't know what you have missed by not staying at this hotel!

Thank you Bangkok Loft Inn, thank you for showing and teaching me how to work with heart. The result is just unbelievable, I am sure your customer will memorize the experience forever in their heart.

written on May 15, 2011 by @tesyasblog


  1. hai mbak.. di sekitar hotel gampang cr makan kah? trs breakfastnya buffet atau pk pilihan? aku baca2 di tripadvisor bnyk positifnya ya.. oh ya.. dr situ kl mo city tour gampang aja kah transportnya kl pk skytrain? thx

  2. Hallo juga,di sekitar hotel cuman ada satu food court di seberang hotel kalau untuk makanan, ga begitu banyak pilihan ya. Jadi kalo udah dari mana-mana paling siap2 bungkus makanan aja
    Untuk breakfast, kita milih malam sebelumnya mau apa menu utamanya, tapi pas di tempat makannya ada buffet juga untuk buah2an, kue2, susu dan yoghurt.
    Kalo mau city tour gampang banget kemana mana pake bts Wong Wian Yai yang paling deket.

  3. oh gitu ya mbak.. jd di skitar hotel ga ada tmpt utk jj ya.. sepi atau rame kah di sekitaran hotel? pulang lgs masuk hotel istirashat ya.. dr hotel ke BTSnya dkt bgt mbak? jln kaki brp lama? krn aku bawa anak kcl. thx ya..

  4. mba tesya klo Bangkok Loft inn ini cocok ga ya buat keluarga ( 2 dewasa, anak 6 thn dan 1 thn) ? saya ga harus kamarnya luas sih, yg penting lokasinya strategis, hehhe,, saya juga baca-baca reviewnya ok smua di tripadvisor

    1. Cocok aja Ditta, cuman location wise agak jauh dari mana-mana ya. Better nginep di daerah mendekati MBK aja kalau mau Ditta.