Old Town Phuket

When we think about Phuket, first thing cross on our minds will be their sandy beach, the islands hopping, the parties and so on… But don’t ever forget to visit the Old Town Phuket, it offers something real different.

As Old Town Phuket is close to Phuket Bus Terminal, we went there in the morning before going to the airport using the Phuket Airport Bus at 10.30am. We intended to have breakfast at Old Town Phuket, taking pictures and just enjoying the ambience.

The journey from Ibis Patong to Old Town Phuket took approx.one hour with our rented Honda Click. We had to stop at Circle K to ask which way to go:p We were so happy when we found Central Festival shopping mall, yes we were on the right way! Old Town Phuket is a few minutes away from the Central Festival.

When we arrived at Old Town Phuket, we decided to take breakfast before continuing our taking picture session. We stopped at the coffe shop just across a Honda Dealer, just because the place was crowded. We thought that the food must be ok:p We ordered ice milk tea together with roti canai with chicken. The chef could ask us “ayam?” (chicken in indonesian language), so I guess many people coming either from Indonesia or Malaysia to his place.

Our breakfast was delicious, cheap and the most important thing: the food is halal:) No wonder many people come to this place, both tourist and local.

We continue walking and taking pictures. We left our motorcycle near the coffee shop and enjoying the little shops. There are many coffee shops, and most of them are halal. So easy to find halal food at Old Town Phuket.

We went to one street with many shops selling Indonesian Batik.

Don’t forget to take picture of the electricity wire. It is so unique!

At the western end of Rassada Road stands a traffic circle with a fountain which called the Suriyadate Fountain.

The most visited Soi will be the Soi Rommanee, the buildings: coffee shops, guesthouses, souvenir shops are colored beautifully. What I got from mr.google: Soi Rommanee was known as the alley where everyone knew that it was a street brothel. That’s why it was called ‘Rommanee’ (Rommanee in Thai is happiness, and I’m sure what does this happiness mean, don’t you?).

We found one really nice guest house at Soi Rommanee called Phuket346. We stopped there to have a glass of orange juice and also to have a toilet break. Another visit to Phuket, we promise ourselves to stay at Phuket346 guest house.

We didn’t have much time to explore the Old Town Phuket, but from our 2 hours visit, we might say that this place must include in any tourist itinerary when visiting Phuket.

written on July 7, 2011

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