Promthep Cape

I might say this is the highlight of our visit in Phuket this time: the Promthep Cape. We were able to see beautiful sunset at the Promthep Cape. We went there after visiting the Big Budha, it was about 45 minutes drive with our Honda Click. We just follow the map and the signs to reach this place. Thanks God we didn't get lost.
We arrived at about 5 pm and it was very crowded. Many buses and vans were dropping tourist off.

To reach the cape, we have to go down the hill, which after half the way, we decided to sit on one spot to take pictures. We were afraid we couldn't go up the hills on our way back:p

The view is stunning! While rene was taking pictures, I was busy with my gadget:p

And here's the picture of the beautiful sunset.

We went up again, there were still so many people.

And rene took these beatiful pictures at what so called the blue hours:)

And there was a moon came up after the sunset, we were so lucky that we could enjoy the sunset and the moon.

There are still some other places to enjoy the sunset in Phuket. But we will visit them on our next visit to Phuket.

written on July 6, 2011

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