České Budějovice

Never heard about this place before? So did I. We visited this small town on our way from Prague to Salzburg. České Budějovice is the Home of Budweiser, yes the beer! With a population of almost 100,000 people, České Budějovice is the largest city in South Bohemia. Many of my friends from the group think that this small city is the most beautiful city that we've visited during the trip. Let's see these pictures to understand why they could think that way.

Our bus stopped by the river not far from the hotel Budweis which is a pink hotel. A very impressive building. So we knew from our first steps that it was going to be a special kind of transit for us!

Than we continue walking to the center of the city which is a square, a beautiful square with colorful buildings.

There is also a tower called the Black Tower, was built of the dark local stone in the mid 1500's, and the viewing deck offers wonderful views over the South Bohemian countryside. But of course we didn't have the time to visit the tower.

The most impressive building is the town hall.

I envy people reading book at the square, it's so peaceful! I wish I could do the same.

We had a group picture in front of the fountain, which is located at the central of the square.

The square is surrounded by pub and cafes, of course all with the Budweiser.

We had lunch at a hotel called Maly Pivovar. Actually we had lunch at a restaurant inside the hotel. We had a salmon steak and a soup, and also a glass of ice cream.

We only stopped by for lunch and were given few minutes to take the pictures at the square. But this short visit was such a memorable experience for me. I am thinking of renting a car to explore Prague countryside with rene. Hope someday my dream will come true.

written on December 6, 2011


  1. Keliatannya Menyenangkan Sekali!!!

    1. Hehe..iya Mas, kotanya tenang banget :)