Hilton Prague

I was very excited when I knew that Hilton will be one of our hotel during our east europe trip, I thought that the hotel was going to be as nice as Hilton Bandung, my hometown in Indonesia. But when we arrived at the hotel, it wasn't look like what I had in mind. Yes it was a huge hotel, and I believe many groups are coming here, which made this hotel looks very busy.

The biggest dissappointment is for the room, is it really a Hilton? Look at the TV, so old!

The lobby area is huge though..

The breakfast is really American, it was always crowded at the breakfast area.

The hotel located within a walking distance to the old town, and it is also a short walk to Palladium, the shopping mall. Of course there are many options which are closer to the Old Town. For example, Ibis is only few doors away from Palladium. But as for group, I think Hilton is great as it has a huge parking area.

written on Dec 5, 2011

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