Oktober Feest at Muenchen 2011

We were told by our tour guide that our group was lucky to be able to visit Oktober Feest at Muenchen during our tour. We went there after having dinner at Schubeck, yes we were so tired, some of us prefer to stay on the bus. But many of us still walk out of the bus to see how the festival was.

It was held in a huge garden in an area called Theresienwiese, which became an amusement park with many beer tents (I mean a really huge tent). People just went there to enjoy the beers and also the bavarian music.

I didn't go inside the tent, together with Lisa and Mba Cici, exploring the park. We just love seeing the crowd, many of them in traditional clothes, enjoying all the games.

Of course there were also food, beverages and sweets kiosks in almost every corner.

Indeed we were lucky to have the chance to visit the festival.

written on December 26, 2011