Prague Old Town

We continued walking from Charles Bridge to the old town of Prague. We passed by really antiques street, beautiful shops, lovely buildings, wohooo I love every corner of this old town:) I have managed to recap many pictures for this special post. Hope my blog readers can enjoy this old town just like me.

First destination was the astronomical clock, which what I read from Wikipedia, this clock was installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working.

The clock is located at the Old Town Square, a very busy square especially with a food festival when we visited the place.

I also saw people having fine dining at the resto around the square, wow every table has its own flame to keep the guests warm.

After visiting the clock and also the square, we were given free time to explore the old town on our own, our group visited the hard rock cafe first. While other people were shopping, I enjoyed free wifi from Hard Rock Cafe.

Than we walked to a street full of souvenirs shops. The famous souvenirs will be bohemian crystal, but of course it is too fragile to take it home.

All the shops are unique, the branded items, the chocolate shops, the toy store..they are all very photogenic:p

One of the famous tower is the Powder Tower, I visited this place with Pak Eddy and Lisa.

By the way, it was very challenging to find toilet at the old town. The toilets are limited, we had to queue and of course we had to pay.

We also had dinner at the old town, we had dinner at a Thai resto. Too bad no pictures were taken:p After the dinner, we went to Palladium mall before going back to the hotel. This mall has a Marks and Spencer outlet, Esprit, Mothercare, and also Sparkys, the toy store.

Later that night, when everyone were transferred to the hotel, I ask Pak Yulius, one of the photographer of our group, whether he would like to walk to the river near the hotel. He would love to. So we walked from the hotel and take a picture of Prague's river at night.

All about Prague was fantastic. There are still so many places to see, we had only a full day to explore Prague, and for sure it was not enough. Looking forward for another chance to visit this beautiful city.

written on Dec 3, 2011

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