Enjoying the Beauty of Salzburg's Old Town

I was really excited to be able to visit Salzburg once again after 17 years! The first time I visited Salzburg was when I studied in the Netherlands as an exchange student from Rotary International. That time we traveled together (with other exchange students participants), exploring Europe for two weeks during summer.

The first sight I saw on my second visit was the palace and the old town of Salzburg located on the opposite of the Sacher hotel.

happy to be back to this lovely city

We crossed the bridge and started enjoying the old town of Salzburg. Many of us went shopping before the shops are closed at 6 pm. 

strolling at the old town

The main shopping lane is gorgeous with unique shop signs such as this Nordsee sign, a seafood restaurant.

lovely shop sign

Beside the main shopping lane, you will also find many smaller lines, each with its own number and surprises inside. 

shops inside the lane are so eye catching

souvenir shop inside the lane

The further I walked, the more beautiful shops I found at this old town. 

I couldn't afford shopping in those brandes items shops, so after exploring the old town and taking pictures, I went to the famous Eisgrotte to have an ice cream. It was so good!

must try if you visit Salzburg

After all the shops are closed, the shopping lane was so romantic with all the lights and less people.

If you visit Salzburg with your loved ones, don't forget to bring a padlock with your name on it to be locked on the bridge. I found one purple padlock with my name on it (well, almost the same name), but of course with different spouse:p  I should go back to lock my own someday.

written on December 6, 2011

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  1. Setelah 17 tahun ke sana lagi, taruhan, pasti sebagian besar masih sama persis? Mirsbell Garten? Festung Hohen Salzburg? Die Altstadt Salzburg? Getreidegasse nya? I miss Salzburg so much

    1. Iya betul, sebagian besar masih sama persis. Yes I miss Salzburg too.

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