The Sheraton Salzburg

When I read our group's itinerary that we were going to stay at Sheraton Salzburg, I was very delighted! Wow staying at the Sheraton in one my fave cities in the world:)

a bicycle welcomes us

But when I entered the hotel, I was dissappointed to find and old and lousy Sheraton. 

the lobby

the dining room

The room especially the bathroom looks very old. The nice thing about the room is that it provides a weight scale, so that we could weight our luggage. Guess all the chocolates have made my luggage so heavy:p

an old room

Location wise, it is 15-20 minutes walking distance to Salzburg Old Town, but it is only two minutes away to the Mirabel Garden. We had to pass this park before getting to the Mirabel Garden 

lovely park at the backside of the hotel

On the last day, we just put our luggage on the bus, and walked to the Mirabel Garden. I have no complaint regarding the location of this hotel. But it's not the Sheraton as I expected.

our bus in front of the loby

written on Dec 16, 2011

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