Max Brenner Esplanade

This was the reason of our weekend getaway in Singapore (June'12): a cup of chocolate from Max Brenner:D Heard about this chocolate cafe from our cousin Celia, and this cafe has become our must visit place to hang out in Singapore. The one we always visit is their branch at the Esplanade, so we can sit down at the cafe waiting for the sunset, and enjoying Singapore River afterwards. 

We went to Max Brenner with our friends Timotius Gunarko, who is currently working in Singapore. We enjoyed the ambience of the cafe, which feels really "chocolate":p

Try any of their hot chocolate drinks, they are all really recommended! My fave is the milk chocolate comes with their what so called "hug mug" cost around 10 SGD after tax (I might say it was the cheapest from all of the available hot drinks). All of the glasses/ mugs are different for each kind of order. They are all very unique.

Timo tried the chocolate souffle, while we tried their chocolate pizza with marshmallow on it. Timo has previously read from a blog that the chocolate souffle taste "heavenly", however after he tried it, he said it was delicious but he didn't think that it was that heavenly:p While my chocolate pizza was yummy, but it was too sweet for me. Well what do you expect, it has many chocolate on it, and I was in the chocolate cafe right?

They also sell chocolate fondue, waffels, etc.. but after having those sweet things, we didn't think to try any other food. I decided that the next time I visit Max Brenner, I will only order their hot chocolate drink. It was the best hot chocolate that I have ever tried so far.

I hope that Max Brenner will soon open their branch in Jakarta. 

written on July 30, 2012

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