One Day Tour around Phuket

On our last day in Phuket, we rented a van from Daj cost 2,300 baht, including hotel pick up, one day tour around Phuket and also an airport transfer. We shared our cost with other Indonesian traveller we met on our first day tour to Phi Phi island. So every person only paid 250 baht, including the tip.

The other group stayed at APK resort Patong. So after picked them up at their hotel, we began our tour by visiting Kata & Karon view point. Before reaching the view point, we passed Kata area, with so many cafes and shophouse along the road. time I visit Phuket, I will be staying in Kata area:)

The viewpoint was free of charge. From the top we could see Kata and Karon Beach.

We continued visiting Big Buddha, the renovation was not yet completed, just like when I first visited Big Buddha in 2011.

After visiting Big Buddha, we visited Wat Chalong, a beautiful temple located not far from the Home Pro Village, where we had our lunch after visiting the temple. We had a bright sunny day that Sunday, which made Wat Chalong looks even more beautiful. We could also take pictures inside the temples.

After lunch, we continued taking picture session at Phuket Old Town. Abdul Karim our driver parked his van near Soi Romanne, the most beautiful and antique Soi in the Phuket Old Town. We only stopped for few minutes at Phuket Old Town.

To end our one day tour around Phuket, we visited Madunan Tshirt factory outlet. Our driver explained, he knew Madunan but has never visited the place. When we entered the shop, we were required to listen to the short briefing by the owner, to our surprise he could speak malay. He explained how cheap the tshirts at Madunan was, and it was because they made the tshirts by themselves.

Tshirt for kids were around 99 baht, while for adults tshirts were around 150-200 baht. I must say the tshirts here have good quality. I would recommend you to buy tshirts here. But souvenir are cheaper at the Phuket Weekend Market. The plus point is, you could use your credit card at Madunan, or you can also pay by Indonesian rupiah.

After visiting Madunan, we went to Lotus because we were to early to go directly to the airport. We stopped about 40 minutes at Lotus and were transfered to the airport thereafter.

So it was our one day tour around Phuket itinerary. Hope this post could give you some idea of places to be visited if you have a full one day in Phuket. Our one day tour around Phuket started at 9 am, and we arrived at the airport at around 5 pm. Recommended to do this on your last day, to save the time, go directly to the airport after your one day tour around Phuket.

written on July 2, 2012 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Phuket is known for it's popular green blue beaches with deep water shining waves...The sandy blue beaches, mountains, Buddha temples, authentic Thai cuisines, and jungles make Phuket an extraordinary travel attraction.
    I found your article useful as I am planning to visit Phuket next week.
    I have planned trip itinerary on Phuket vacation planner..just have a look and suggest more places to visit.

    1. Thank you for visiting tesyasblog. And have fun in Phuket