4 Fingers Chicken

We love trying new food, some of them become our fave, just like the 4 Fingers Chicken. We tried it at their Citos branch, actually we wanted to  have a breakfasting at Fish n Co, but as it was full I asked rene who were already at Citos to find other resto, and he found the 4 Fingers Chicken.

Of course we tried their chicken wing, and I have to write it in my blog that it was the best chicken wing that I've ever tried! And I mean it seriously:D It's so tasty and crunchy. 

We ordered their large portion, 12 chicken wings with french fries and drinks for IDR 90,000. We requested two types of chicken wing, the spicy one and the regular one. So they gave us these two boxes. And they put all the dishes in the unique box, don't wait for your plates because you have to eat them from the box:p

In addition to the chicken wings, we tried their chicken wrap, and also their shrimp dish, but they taste average. So if you go to 4 Fingers Chicken, I would recommend you to order only the chicken wing.

In Jakarta, you may find it also at Epicentrum Walk Kuningan. The place is cozy and it has a free wifi. Hmmm shall we have lunch at 4 Fingers Chicken Citos again today?

written on August 23, 2012

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