Ah Poong (Pasar Apung) Sentul

Sentul is our favorite place to go over the weekend: it is easily reached from Cibubur, still no traffic jam if we left home early in the morning (let's say around 7.30 am and get back home after our brunch there). One of our kiddos fave place in Sentul is Ah Poong (Pasar Apung). 

The name derives from the word apung which means floating in English, and for those who haven't been to Lok Baintan Floating Market, you can start to shop from the boat at Ah Poong. Ah Poong is getting very crowded on the weekend, coming early in the morning is really recommended

Kiddos love to ride on the boat and also play at Eco Park Sentul. The  park has this Transformer statue, that's why kiddos always ask to visit the Echopark everytime we visit Sentul. 

No matter how good this place is, I don't like eating here. The food comes in a tiny portion with above average price, really not worth it. However, I do understand that they have invested so much for this great place, that's why the food price is high. 

Ah Poong is managed by Eat &  Eat food court, so how to purchase your meal used the same standard as other Eat & Eat food courts, which in my opinion is troublesome. There are some stalls who accept our Eat and Eat card, but for those who don't you have to go to the cashier. I'd rather eat somewhere else in Sentul, at Kopitiam Oey Taman Budaya Sentul for example.  

Still, this place is worth a visit for taking picture session, riding the boat experience (there's no official ticket, you just pay to the boat man), and to enjoy the Eco Green Park. Two thumbs up to Pak Bondan who has initiated this place :)

Ah Poong in the morning, still not that crowded

written on April 17, 2013

Tag: liburan ke Sentul, makan di Ah Poong, pasar apung Sentul, wisata kulinar di Sentul

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  1. Another Floating Market :)

    1. The one in Lembang is better though :)

  2. Well, we have the same thought about the food ... But it's a very nice place to hang out with friends ... :-)

    1. Yes Timo, just remember how crowded the place is during weekend..