Sate Maranggi Cibungur

I love Sate, any kind of Sate as long as it is halal. Sate Maranggi is one of the best sate variety that I like so much. I tried Sate Maranggi first in this place called Sate Maranggi Cibungur (Purwakarta) when I was a kid. The place has not changed at all from the last time I went there. I couldn't remember when was the last time I ate at this place, but for sure it was long time ago before Toll Cipularang which connects Bandung and Jakarta exist.

Before toll Cipularang exist, I went to this place quiet often as we had to pass it every time we go to Bandung via Purwakarta. Now we have to exit toll Dawuan or at the end of toll Cikampek (if you are coming from Jakarta). If you are on your way back to Jakarta from Bandung, you can exit Toll Cipularang via Bukit Raya to reach this place.

The best part of eating Sate Maranggi at Cibungur is the sambal which comes with the Sate. It taste so much like dabu-dabu, special sambal for Manado's dishes. It taste extremely spicy!

I always order the beef Sate Maranggi, for me it's the most delicious one. The sate comes with rice covered with banana leaves. The sate is yummy even without the sambal. You can taste the spice in every piece of the meat, that's the best part of Sate Maranggi. 

Another thing to order is their Es Kelapa Muda (coconut), served in this glass to keep it cold naturally. It's really fresh and a perfect match with the spicy sambal. 

So far, this is the best place to eat Sate Maranggi. Come and have this Indonesian delicious food a try :)

written on April 19, 2013