Tulip Festival at Gardens by The Bay

I was supposed to attend a training at end of May'13 in Singapore, but the training was canceled due to limited number of participants. So I changed the training and fortunately the schedule is within the tulip festival period held at Gardens by The Bay:)

I was 17 years old when I made my dream come true to see the purple tulip in Keukeunhof. My hostparents took me all the way from Eindhoven to Keukeunhof, and I am a big fan of tulip ever since. So seeing the tulips festival only 1,5 hours away from Jakarta was something I was really looking for. 

I took bus 400 from Anson Road and alight directly at the bus stop just outside Gardens by The Bay. Then I walked to the ticketing counter. Actually there's a shuttle from the Bay South gate to the ticketing counter. It cost SGD 2 per person, operates until 5 pm. 

I bought a ticket cost SGD 16 to get into the Flower Dome. You may buy the two conservatories ticket cost SGD 28, but from my previous experience visiting Gardens by The Bay, I didn't like the Cloud Forest. So this time I only bought the ticket to get into the Flower Dome, where the tulip festival was held.

Entering Flower Dome, you will see this eye catching entrance.

When the gate is opened, you will smell all the flowers. The same smell I recall from my previous visit. This time even better, pairs of klompen (Dutch wooden shoes) welcome me. And I could see the tulips on the ground floor. Echt prachtig!

And there you are the purple tulips! We meet again :)

There were signs on the flower giving visitors information regarding the tulips.

I stayed until dark, as Gardens by The Bay is really romantic at night. Too bad I was all alone by myself, rene didn't accompany me this time.

Approaching 7.45 pm, I said goodbye to the tulips and went to the Supertree Groove Area to see the laser and musical show called OCBC Garden Rhapsody. It's a free show, but for me the Wonderfull Laser Show at MBS is much more interesting.

It was a great visit to Gardens by The Bay especially because of the tulips. I hope someday I will visit Keukeunhof again with rene:)

written on May 13, 2013


  1. Reminds me of Keukenhof too. Tulips are so beautiful. My fav is the rare black tulip :)

    1. Black tulip? I haven't seen one before..

  2. tulip di garden by the bay ? :( kalo awal desember masih ada ga yah, aku norak banget belom pernah nemu tulip beneran loh :( *yang beneran ditanam ditanah gitu*

    1. Mei, kayanya Des ga ada deh... ini Gardens by The Bay nya ngikutin tulip festival di Belanda yg biasanya bulan April juga. Hahaha ga norak donk Mei, kan emang di sini jarang kali ada yang nanam tulip. Ayo planning april tahun depan aja ke Belanda #eh