Finally a Logo for Our Travel Blog

After almost 7 years of blogging, we got a perfect logo of tesyasblog made by our friend Dalih, the owner of one of our fave blogs Bekabuluh.

Inspired by the number of our little family's member (four legs as the symbol) and purple as my fave color, Dalih has created this logo. Dalih advised us to think about something personal and close to ourselves as the main idea of the logo. And within minutes, he created a logo for us after I told him the idea. Thank you so much Dalih, yes you are a very multi talented person:) 

The logo defined by Dalih as four legs which support each other to explore the world, in the form of a rose which is the symbol of love. Whilst the red and purple color are the symbol of vigorous life.

We do hope to continue exploring Indonesia and the world together with our kiddos, and of course to keep on sharing our travel journey. This logo becomes tesyasblog's mantra and identity for our existence in the dotcom world:)

written on July 4, 2013


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kak, yg sophisticated itu Kak Dalih nya sih..hehe..

  2. the four legs idea is really cool, i like it!

    1. it's actually not just 4 feet, but also the 8 wind-points :)

    2. Wow thanks for the feedback Kak Dalih...

  3. Replies
    1. Ahhhh Kak Dalih thank you for the logo:D

    2. sama-sama, kakaaa

  4. Nice logo, I think. Good Luck!