Enjoying The Viewpoint of Kintamani Bali

When you are tired with Bali's traffic jam, take a drive to the north-eastern part of Bali, and enjoy the fresh air as well as the beauty of Mount and Lake Batur from Kintamani's viewpoint.

It's about 1,5 hours drive from Kuta, when you see the unique fruit sellers along the way, you are about to arrive at Kintamani. I was amazed by how all the fruits are performed in each fruit stall. How creative Balinese people are: they even give their art touch to place the fruits at their stalls.

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Hotel Review: Santika Premier Malang

Welcome to the beautiful city of Malang, the second city I loved the most in Indonesia, after my hometown Bandung. Located close to Surabaya, Malang is very busy on weekends, because many people go to Malang for a weekend getaway. Same story with weekend in Bandung, packed with people from Jakarta.

To add the existing reviews in tesyasblog on hotels and guesthouses in Malang, we would like to share about Hotel Santika Malang, the hotel I used to go on my business trip.

welcome fruit at the lobby: Malang's apple

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Mie Koba, Halal Noodle in Pangkal Pinang

There are several food from Bangka which are very famous all over Indonesia. Two amongst the most famous are: Martabak Bangka and Mie Bangka (noodle). I didn't try Mie Bangka when I visited Pangkal Pinang, the capital city of Bangka-Belitung Province. I was recommended to try Mie Koba, an alternative to eat halal noodle in Bangka. 

I went to Jalan Balai and just opposite Rumah Bersalin Rona, there's a small resto with a big sign of Mie Koba.

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Mariette's House Alam Sutera

Always happy to find a gorgeous place to eat with the family, especially when your brother is paying the bill:D We went to Mariette's House in Alam Sutera to celebrate our parents 42th anniversary. Located in a shop house just opposite Living World, this place looks different than other shop houses in the area. I bet you will not miss this place by the look of its exterior.

lovely resto both its exterior and interior

Inside we found a vintage resto which made us feel that we were not in Alam Sutera, but somewhere in Porto:p I guess I saw too much pictures of Porto shared by Jalan2Liburan and dewtraveller in their blog as well as in their instagram. Oh dear...
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Klapa Resto Dreamland

To end one of our business trip in Bali, we stopped by at Klapa Resto Dreamland to have a late lunch, before heading back to the airport. The resto was not full when we came. We had to pay a deposit upfront which at the end were utilized to pay our bill.

passing a dark hall to get into the resto
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Morning Walk at Punclut: Breakfast With a View in Bandung

Frankly speaking, I couldn't remember when was the last time I visited Punclut (Puncak Ciumbuleuit Utara), a viewpoint in the northern area of Bandung. Punclut is also famous as a morning  walk and breakfast area: most of people will end their morning walk to have breakfast at Punclut. 

One morning, I asked rene to accompany me for a morning walk at Punclut. We parked our car at a hospital at the end of Jalan Ciumbuleuit, as suggested on the blog I read. We started to walk, and I couldn't even recognize the place: it has changed a lot. Now they have a main road which connect Punclut to Lembang directly.

We walked through the road until we saw the sign of "Pasar Minggon" (Sunday Market), but as we visited the place not on Sunday, we only met one lady who sold ketan bakar. So we stopped for a while, ordered her ketan bakar, and had a chat with her. She told us that she came from Lembang, and after the new road is built, it only took her 30 minutes from her house to Punclut with a motorbike. 

I asked her where is the place full of warung makan (restaurants) that I used to visit at Punclut. She said it's still a long and steep walk from her stall. Ok then.. we decided to walk back to our car, and went to the top of Punclut by our car. Hmm, I guess it was end of our morning walk, and it turned to be another culinary experience in Bandung:p

food street: yummy ketan bakar
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Sam's Strawberry Corner on Jalan Dago Bandung

Last week on the Idul Fitri holiday, we tried to find breakfast in Bandung. Actually we wanted to go to Warung Lela Dago, but when we arrived there at 8 am, it was still closed. So we went back home passing Dago street and saw Sam's Strawberry Corner full of people in the morning, and decided to have it a try.

a corner which serves great Yamien Bakso 

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Hard Rock Hotel Bali: The Greatest Family Hotel

We ended our school holiday in Bali, by staying a night in Hard Rock after staying at Kuta Central Park for the previous three nights. This was our third time staying at Hard Rock Hotel Bali, this hotel has stolen our heart so we keep on coming back. Glad that we could take our parents and our kiddos staying at Hard Rock this time, even though only one night, we had such a great time.

A hard rockin' key room

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Where to Eat Around Banda Aceh's Airport

Ayam Goreng Blang Bintang Banda Aceh (fried chicken in Blang Bintang area) was recommended by our friend Ari (@buzzerbeez). The resto is so close to Sultan Iskanda Muda, the airport of Banda Aceh. We made our stop here before heading back to Jakarta.

a simple "warung makan"

It's not a fancy resto, you will find wooden table with plastic chairs. Half of the resto is an open space, there is no aircon at this resto. But all of these giving us an experience of having dinner at local people's house.

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Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

We'd like to wish our moslem blog readers a Happy Eid Mubarak...

As always we celebrate it in our parents house in Bandung, and enjoy lots of food... Especially for you who are staying abroad, please enjoy (the picture of) these food.

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A Purple Hotel Called Kuta Central Park

In conjunction with our promo fare from Tiger Mandala (IDR 400,000 Jakarta-Denpasar return fare), we'd like to stay at a budget hotel with a swimming pool for our kiddos in the area of Kuta, Legian or Seminyak. 

Fave hotels was one of the alternatives, until we saw a disdus promo at Kuta Central Park for IDR 320.000 per night including breakfast. Beside the price, the color of the hotel has made me click the submit payment button on disdus website.

The purple hotel, including its shuttle:p

I was in a doubt with its location, as it is inside a shopping area, far from the beach. But as we rented a car, it was not a problem for us. The location somehow benefit us, it was easy to find food within the area.

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Bubur Laota: Our First Stop in Bali

Bubur Laota is a small restaurant located on Jalan Raya Kuta (opposite Ibis Kuta Hotel) provides a really great porridge. As it is only 5-10 minutes drive from the airport and opens for 24 hours, it has been our first stop in Bali: whether to have our breakfast, lunch or for a late supper at midnight:p

There are many types of porridge; chicken, meat, or seafood porridge. We ordered Bubur Pelangi (rainbow porridge) which is a mixed of chicken, meat and seafood. One thing to remember, their portion is huge, one bowl of porridge can be shared for four person.

Yummy "Bubur Pelangi"
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Things to do in Sabang, Weh Island

When we searched for our accommodation in Weh Island, we preferred to stay close to Sabang, the capital city of Weh Island. That's why Santai Sumur Tiga was chosen. Actually we didn't know how the city of Sabang looks like, and when we started exploring the city, we saw how lovely this city is.

1. Enjoying The City Center

We explored the city with our rented motorbike, we left Santai Sumur Tiga and headed to the main road of Sabang, it was so charming with its huge tree, which somehow reminds me so much with the streets in Bandung. But as you may see from the below picture, it's far less crowded than Bandung.

the main road with no car and no motorcycle
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Indonesia's Zero Kilometer Monument (Kilometer Nol)

This is the northern most point of Indonesia, Monumen Kilometer Nol (Kilometer 0) in Bahasa Indonesia or Zero Kilometer Monument, whatever you call the place, we were happy to step on our foot in this area and to prove the accuracy of our GPS:p 

We are here:)

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