Mariette's House Alam Sutera

Always happy to find a gorgeous place to eat with the family, especially when your brother is paying the bill:D We went to Mariette's House in Alam Sutera to celebrate our parents 42th anniversary. Located in a shop house just opposite Living World, this place looks different than other shop houses in the area. I bet you will not miss this place by the look of its exterior.

lovely resto both its exterior and interior

Inside we found a vintage resto which made us feel that we were not in Alam Sutera, but somewhere in Porto:p I guess I saw too much pictures of Porto shared by Jalan2Liburan and dewtraveller in their blog as well as in their instagram. Oh dear...

lovely interior
lovely corner

We ordered an appetizer which is recommended by the owner of Mariette's House. This cheese and french fries called Poutine is cooked in Canadian style she said, and it taste great.

Poutine for IDR 25,000

Other than that, we ordered steak and pasta. I would recommend the pasta (IDR 35,000), but the steak taste average. Maybe because I compared it with Holycow Steak, so that I was a little bit disappointed by its size. However the steak which cost IDR 65,000 for that size was ok.

Things to note if you order their pizza: it took so long until the pizza was served on the table. So if you'd like to order the pizza, maybe you better reserve it by phone prior to your arrival. The pizza is recommended, it taste great!

the pizza for IDR 75,000

It was early Saturday evening, we were their only guests. To our surprise we got complimentary dessert: two plates of Chocolate Melted Cake! Of course kiddos love the hot chocolate cake with the ice cream. Thank you so much Mariette's House:)

This resto is romantic, perfect for a Saturday night dinner with your loved ones. Or perhaps this place might be the alternative place to shoot your pre-wedding picture.

the second floor

Mariette's House
Ruko Alam Sutera Town Center 10C no.16

written on August 22, 2013


  1. lg musim ya chic2 resto kek gini..

    1. Iya Kak Feb, bahkan skrg interior Pizza Hut aja udah berubah ke arah gini:p

  2. Replies
    1. Wah, tau gitu minta ditraktir Kak Wira... Lain kali ya Kak heheh..