Things to do in Sabang, Weh Island

When we searched for our accommodation in Weh Island, we preferred to stay close to Sabang, the capital city of Weh Island. That's why Santai Sumur Tiga was chosen. Actually we didn't know how the city of Sabang looks like, and when we started exploring the city, we saw how lovely this city is.

1. Enjoying The City Center

We explored the city with our rented motorbike, we left Santai Sumur Tiga and headed to the main road of Sabang, it was so charming with its huge tree, which somehow reminds me so much with the streets in Bandung. But as you may see from the below picture, it's far less crowded than Bandung.

the main road with no car and no motorcycle

The business center of Sabang located on Jalan Perdagangan, but again the road was empty when we were there.
Jalan Perdagangan, the business center of Sabang

There are bank (ATM), mini market and souvenir shops on Jalan Perdagangan. If you are looking for souvenirs in Sabang, we recommend you to visit Piyoh located on Jl.Teuku Umar. We bought lovely key chain and also T-shirts.

2. Sunset Hunting at Sabang Fair

Approaching sunset, we went to Sabang Hill to find a great spot to see sunset. But when we got there, we found out that we had to enter a hotel called Sabang Hill Hotel to see the sunset. So we changed our direction and went to Sabang Fair. We were surprised to find a park with a free playground.

free playground in Sabang

Opposite the playground, people park their motorcycle to enjoy the sunset. Too bad it was cloudy that afternoon, so we couldn't enjoy sunset in Sabang.

our cloudy sunset

3. Enjoying Culinary Treat in Sabang

Sate Gurita (octopus satay) was on our top list of Sabang's must try food. We tried it at Sabang Pujasera, actually you can also find it at Sabang Fair. Sabang Pujasera is an outdoor eating place with various food stalls. You may choose the sauce of your Sate Gurita: the Padangnese sauce (spicy) or Javanese sauce (peanut sauce). Our fave is the Padangnese sauce.

there are more than one stalls selling Sate Gurita, 
the one near the entrance was the best

Sate Gurita with Padangnese Sauce
Sate Gurita with Javanese sauce

Other than Sate Gurita don't forget to try Mie Jalak located on Jalan Perdagangan. The soup was really delicious, be ready to get sweat inside: due to the soup and also the heat inside the resto:p

small resto but always full
Mie Jalak is not to be missed when you visit Sabang

I always love small cities and Sabang definitely fulfill my need of a quiet and beautiful city. I would love to go back to Sabang for its food, the beach and the friendly people.

written on Augustus 4, 2013

Tag: Liburan ke Pulau Weh, wisata kuliner di Sabang, belanja souvenir di Sabang

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