Fave Hotel By Pass (Kuta) Bali

If you need a transit hotel in Bali which is located close to the airport, this Fave Hotel By Pass could be one of the option. We stayed there on my extended business trip, whereas Rene came to accompany me on Friday night. So I had to wait for Rene's flight that came at midnight. 

We came across Fave Hotel By Pass because of its promo at Agoda. By utilizing our Agoda point and the promo rate, we paid only IDR 250,000 nett for the room without breakfast.

the hotel at a busy road

Surprisingly our standard room was really nice with a window having a pool view. Yes the room and the bathroom were small, but the space was acceptable. Family with a children will survive in this Fave room.

nice room with pink and purple touch

Not all of Fave Hotel has a swimming pool, but the one in By Pass has it. The swimming pool located near the lobby and the restaurant. We were intended to swim in the morning, but the side pool area were full of people having breakfast. So unless you have a six pack kind of body, swimming during breakfast will not be the option:p

With the new underpass which connected By Pass to Sunset Road, this Fave Hotel is well located to be your base in exploring Bali. But don't get confuse by its name: Fave Hotel By Pass Kuta. It's not close to the Kuta Beach, you will need a car or motorbike to get to the beach. But it is not far from Jalan Raya Kuta, that's why it has a "Kuta" at the end of the hotel's name.

written on September 10, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Eh ini fave bypass bukan yg deket tune hotel kuta kan ????

    Lumayan juga hotel nya kalo cuman 250 ribuan, aku perna yg di seminyak, deket banget ama gaybar yg balijoe, mixwell. Seru banget tiap malam bisa dugem liatin para binan bercengkrama hahaha

    1. huahah gw tau tuh Tune yg di depan binan night clubs....

      keknya yg Tune hotel di review ama tesya lebih beradab bo hahah

    2. Wah Kak Cumi ikutan doooonk:D

      Iya Kak Feb, Tune Legian lebih beradab hehe..