V Hotel Bencoolen Singapore Review

V Hotel chain is very famous amongst Indonesian who are looking for a hotel to stay with their family in Singapore. Their first hotel, V Hotel Lavender located above Lavender MRT Station offering easy transport access, and now they opened their second branch in Bencoolen, just beside Bencoolen MRT station, which is still under construction.

the entrance to the hotel

I did not notice "the construction" part at the time of the booking, when I arrived at the hotel, I just realized that there is a heavy construction of a new MRT station  just in front of the hotel.

the construction of Bencoolen MRT Station
the hotel and its surrounding

There's two convenience stores next to the hotel, and also a Kopitiam which has one muslim stall called Mr.Prata. I must say that this food outlet is rather expensive and taste average. But it was the closest food outlet I could find around the hotel.

Mr Prata, halal food at Kopitiam near the hotel

The lobby of the hotel is compact with limited chairs only. The reception staff could speak Malay, and so did the security guard.

the lobby of V Hotel Bencoolen

I got a room in the 5th floor, a super tiny room but it was new and very clean. Although a new hotel, the water in the bathroom took very long to drain, so it made the bathroom wet all over the place. It was not a problem for me as I was staying there all by myself. But if I share this room with other, so the next person taking shower should wait 30 minutes until the bathroom gets dry.

The hotel has a small but great pool at level 3, but I had to ask the reception desk to change the security code in my room key. Only guest staying at the 3rd floor could get out of the lift to the 3rd floor. That was very strange. There's  also a park near the pool, but the park was closed.

Other facilities offered by this hotel is an internet corner, guest could use the computer at the lobby. But it was not free, I forgot how much guest had to pay to use this internet corner.

the hotel facilities

Location wise, this hotel is fabulous! Just a short walk to Singapore Art Museum and Bras Basah MRT Station. It is also a short walk to City Hall MRT station. And later on when MRT Bencoolen is ready, it will give more value to the hotel.

I paid SGD 170 for my room, and I think it was too expensive for the tiny room I got. However the expensive price paid off by its location. V Hotel Bencoolen has also triple room for guest staying with children. IMO, the room is too small for staying with children. 

written on November 13, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. SGD170 sekitar 1,4 jt an yaaa?? lumayan mahal yeee. Kmrn dapat ibis bencoolen cuman 800 ribuan, tapi kamar nya kecil :-(

    1. Iya Kak, mahal karena lokasinya emang di kota banget. Sama Ibis, kamarnya kecil ini, serius! Cuman menang ada pool aja sih..

  2. Hi, Mbak Tesya.. :) MRT Bencoolen udah jd blm, ya, by now?

    1. Aku barusan googling, belum kayanya Mba.

  3. piperodette10/1/17 6:15 PM

    Halo Mba Tesya,

    mau tanya Mba. V Bencoleen ini lobbynya seramai V Lavender kah ? atau lebih sepi ?
    Saya rencana mau nginap disana, tp titip koper dulu pagi2 di lobby sebelum checkin

  4. Halo Mba Tesya :)
    Mba lobby si V Bencoleen ini seramai V Lavender kah ? aku rencana mau titip koper dulu disana sebelum checkin siang

    1. Waktu saya rame juga lobi nya. Bahkan di luar lobi ada rak khusus buat koper-koper yang dititipkan.

  5. Hi mba tesya, kalau pesan kamar triple..cuma bisa untk 3 orang ya, pdhl sy mau bawa anak dua, dua duany masih dibawah usia 12 tahun. Gimana ya peraturan v hotel bencoolen, mhn masukannya

    1. Wah kayanya kamarnya kecil banget. Pindah ke Bugis Village Hotel aja Mbak.