The Promising Pandawa Beach

Now I found a reason to stay in Jimbaran area if I have the chance to go to Bali with kiddos someday, it's because a very kids friendly beach called Pandawa. 

We were staying at Harris Bukit Jimbaran for a two days meeting, and after the meeting we took our guests to Pandawa Beach by bus, located about 15 minutes from the hotel. Normally visitors have to pay an entrance fee getting to Pandawa, but when we said that we are from Honda Bali, our two buses didn't have to pay anything.

People were stopping at the Pandawa Beach lookout

Yes, Honda Bali is sponsoring one of the statue in Pandawa, that's why we got the privilege:D When you are close to the beach, you may see the statues inside the cave. Honda Bali is sponsoring the statue of Dewi Kunti which is now still on progress.

Entering Pandawa, picture was taken by Bp.Chamilus
one of the statue

I was in doubt whether we could go there by bus. But no worries, there is a large parking area near the beach. I also noticed a sign of transfer rate from Pandawa to other places in Bali, and it is so expensive! Better to take your rented motorcycle or car to Pandawa Beach.

Bali's weather was unfriendly when we visited it in November, a dark cloud welcomes us at Pandawa Beach.

I enjoyed people watching at the beach because I didn't pack my swimsuit. It was a very beautiful beach with not so many crowd. The beach was clean and has no wave, a perfect beach to swim with kiddos. Ooh look at the turquoise water on the sea, lovey!

There are warungs at the beach, and toilets to change your swimsuit after a dip at the sea.

And also, there are lots of kayak to be rented at Pandawa, it was really tempting to rent one.

I hope that this beach will be maintained as clean as my first visit to Pandawa. And for sure this beach has to be on your list when visiting Bali. This Pandawa Beach is a very promising beach, it will be another favorite beach for Bali's visitors.

written on December 6, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Eh buset ... nich kenapa pandawa jadi rame banget ???? padahal gw bolak balik kesini sepi sepi aje dan itu yg bikin gw bolak balik.

    Ada suami istri jualan jus dan rujak yg enak banget, abis berenang di temanin rujak buah itu anughrah banget

    1. Segini tuh rame ya Kak Cum? Padahal menurutku masih sepi dibanding Kuta *yaeyalah..
      Aduh musti wajib kesana lagi makan rujak:)

  2. Pandawa sekarang udah crowded ya, Mbak. Dulu2 kesana masih sepi and tenang. Kalo ga mau terlalu rame hindari weekend terutama hari minggu dech. Dannnn lagi2 ga sempat ketemuan ama ,mbak Tesya di Bali :(

    1. Iya Debbz, 2 kali ke Bali gagal ketemu, yang ketiga kali nanti mudah2an yaaa..
      Btw aku suka banget laut yang ga ada ombak kaya Pandawa ini, karena di laut kaya gini baru aku berani renang hehehe:)

  3. Asik nih Pandawa (belum pernah soalnya) ;)