Grab & Go Chicken Pop Corn ITC BSD

Do you love snacking? I do, and I love to try those new snacks in town:) When my friend @zkhairi opened his first outlet of Grab & Go in ITC BSD, I was really happy to become one of the tester. I love chicken pop corn!

Grab & Go provides chicken pop corn with french fries in a cute box. A box which will remind you to Chinese Food delivery in American movie. I think beside the taste of chicken pop corn and french fries, the box is also the selling point of Grab & Go.

Chicken pop corn and french fries in mayonnaise sauce

Grab & Go comes in 5 different flavors: spicy (my fave!), mayonnaise, bbq, original and teriyaki. I have tested all of them, and the spicy is the best one. Though it is really hot for me. Our kiddos love the original flavor, the enjoyed taking the chicken out of the box with a stick provided by Grab & Go. One box is sold IDR 20,000, and I must say the price really worth it.

Grab & Go original flavor

If you are in BSD area, stop by at ITC BSD and visit Grab & Go outlet located on the second floor. I hope to see more outlets of Grab & Go, especially near my office in North Jakarta:p Let's grab it, and enjoy your snacking time:) 

Grab & Go first outlet at ITC BSD

written on September 1, 2014 by @tesyasblog


  1. that mayo :)...munching is my cup of tea too :)...bon courage yaaa