Kastuba Resort: A Great Place for an Office Outing in Lembang

Although there are so many hotels in Lembang you can choose to conduct a meeting or an office outing, still it was confusing to choose the right one. I was surprised that my friends had chosen Kastuba Resort for our what so called "family day" this year.  

After spending a half day at Lembang Floating Market, we went to Kastuba Resort. It took about 20 minutes from Lembang Floating Market. We passed "The Ranch", and continued following the road guidance from "Waze".

When we arrived at Kastuba Resort, a hotel staff approached our car, took our luggage and asked whether we would take the shuttle or just walk to the resort. Knowing that they only has one Toyota Avanza for their shuttle, we choose to walk. The greenery welcomed us. And that moment I knew we were going to love this resort.

Our kiddos at the resort

The Cottage

We got one wooden cottage which consist of one room. The cottage was well maintained, very cozy and we had our own fire place, perfect! We paid IDR 330.000 per person for this room, which includes dinner and breakfast.

Welcome to our room :)
Our room for 2 adults and 2 kiddos
A clean bathroom

The highlight of our cottage was the balcony. Breathing the fresh air of Lembang while listening to the voices of bird was very relaxing.

My fave part of our balcony

The Playground

A playground is a must when you choose hotel without swimming pool in Lembang. Frankly speaking, it is too cold to swim in Lembang anyway. Kastuba resort has a fabulous playground. Kiddos love to play with the rabbits, while my friends could play volleyball.

Our kiddos fave spot at the resort
The rabbit house
Hello rabbits!
A volleyball field for the adults

One thing to keep in mind, the playground located below the cottages. We had to take the stairs everytime we wanted to go to the playground. Of course, good for my exercise.

The path leading to the playground

The Games

We played our games around the dining area. Yup it was an outdoor dining area, we had our gathering outdoor at night, and it was really cold.   

Everyone was happy :)
Eating race
Games for the kiddos

The Breakfast

Breakfast was served in a tent. The food was basic: nasi uduk with chicken, and chicken porridge. Well, it was enough to warm up our morning.

Having our breakfast

The Location

This resort located at the end of the world. I mean, you are really isolated once you reach this resort. So make sure you take your snacks (especially when traveling with kids), clothes and medicine. As it took like forever from the resort to the parking place!

This stairs which connect the parking place with the resort

We had enjoyed our weekend at Kastuba Resort so much. If you are looking for a place to conduct an office outing, this place is highly recommended. I hope the management will maintain Kastuba Resort properly. This resort is a promising one :)

written on September 26, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Aku balik lagi kesini gara2 lagi nyari review ttg kastuba resort ini, bagus ya kayaknya..lg nyari tempat getaway wiken brg genkgong nih..

    tukeran link ya mbak...

    1. Hai Kak, thank you udah berkunjung travelercow :)
      Iya aku suka Kastuba, cuman memang terpencil.
      Yuks link mu aku masukin di #blogwalking ya Kak..