Kidzania Jakarta’s Tranzit Ticket

Good news from Kidzania Jakarta, now you can visit Kidzania with the Kidzania Tranzit Ticket, only for IDR 65,000 (for adult and children), and IDR 50,000 for toddlers. You can take your kids to enjoy up to 3 establishments with Tranzit Ticket, a very good deal especially for first timer to Kidzania like me.

As the Tranzit Ticket is valid only on Monday-Thursday, we visited on a working day. We had lunch first at Pacific Place Mall, and at around 2 pm, we approached Kidzania Ticket Counter located on the 6th floor of Pacific Place Mall.  And a few minutes later, we were inside Kidzania Jakarta. Yeeaaay!

Ouf first sight of Kidzania Jakarta

We were confused which establishments to choose. With the Tranzit Ticket, we didn’t get cheque worth 50 Kidzos, that other visitors usually get if they buy the normal ticket. Lucky that we had 80 Kidzos, currency of Kidzania city, which we get from our friends who have visited Kidzania.

The establishment located close to the entrance was Garuda Flight Simulator on the second floor. We went to check the place, but it was too crowded. Kiddos agreed to try this establishment on our next visit to Kidzania someday. However, he requested to watch the TV provided at Garuda Flight Simulator, whereas we could see what happened inside the simulator.

Checking out the fligh simulator on TV

Then we decided to take a walk on the first floor of Kidzania. We saw the TV making area of Polytron, but we had to wait for other session within the next 30 minutes. Beside that, Kiddos#2 who is still 6 years old couldn’t join Polytron establishment. So we just see what’s inside the Polytron establishment. 

We also saw kids were working as the window cleaners just next to Polytron. 

Then we walked passing the Indomaret establishment, Indonesia’s leading mini market, who provide the buying and working experience inside Indomaret experience for the kids visiting Kidzania.

Finally Kiddos request to try one establishment which is the Kidzania Race Track. Yes, the race track was so inviting! I would choose the same if I were the boys.

“You have to apply a driving license at Honda Riding School”, a Kidzania officer told our Kiddos. I asked him that we only have a tranzit ticket, and the officer explained that we only could play Race Track that day, as we had to make driving license at Honda Riding School, and also go to Pocari Hospital for the medical check-up process. Those processes were counted as 3 establishments.

Our Kiddos agreed that they only could play at the Kidzania Race Track, so we went to Honda Riding School. We were informed that we had to take medical check up at Pocari Hospital prior to applying the driving license. Woohooo, it’s like in the real world!

We went back to Honda Riding School, and Kiddos got their first driving license. Kiddos had to pay 20 Kidzos for the driving license. The driving license could be used on our next visit to Kidzania.

They got their first driving license :)

Kiddos ran back to the Kidzania Race Track, paid 20 Kidzos to the officer at the Race Track, and waited at the tribune area. This track was crowded, but they were willing to wait. 20 minutes later, their names were called to the briefing area.

It was their turn to race at last, they were so excited to put on their helmet and getting ready to sit on the racing cars.


To complete our excitement that day, Kiddos#1 won the race! Until today he still mentioned to me, “I won the race at Kidzania, remember?”:D

Brotherhood at the podium:D

We had a blast at Kidzania eventhough we could only try 3 establishments. And yes, we are planning to visit Kidzania Jakarta again with a weekend ticket, knowing that our Kiddos love it so much.

-   The Tranzit Ticket valid only on weekday, Monday to Thursday, starting 1 April 2015, from 02.00-04.00 pm.
-   Price: IDR 65,000 for adults and children, and IDR 50,000 for toddlers.
-  The Tranzit Ticket is available at Kidzania Ticket Counter
-    Visitors with Tranzit Ticket are only allowed to try 3 establishments.
-    Cheque is not inculded in Tranzit Ticket.
-    Teen age up to 17 years are welcome to hang out at Kidzania with the Tranzit Ticket.

Disclosure: The Tranzit Ticket were provided by Kidzania Jakarta, however the opinion are ours. Thank you Kidzania Jakarta!

Written on April 18, 2015 by @tesyasblog