Car Free Night Asia Afrika Bandung

A new look on Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung, has made this street a very "happening" place at the moment. Anyone visiting Bandung (tourist and also local people) enjoy this beautiful street to take pictures with Gedung Merdeka, the building being used for Asia Afrika conference. People keep on coming all day long.

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit Car Free Night on Jalan Asia Afrika. Lucky that my brother's house is minutes away from Jalan Asia Afrika, so I parked at his house, and walked to Jalan Asia Afrika. As there was a roadblock, other streets around Jalan Asia Afrika were very crowded. 

And when we reached Jalan Asia Afrika after 10 minutes walking, we were amazed by the CROWD. People were everywhere, I wonder where they came from. 

Welcome to Asia Arfrika Car Free Night

There was a music festival being held just next to Gedung Merdeka. We didn't check who performed that night, but we saw so many people enjoying the live music.

Music performance at Car Free Night Asia Afrika

What I like about the Car Free Night on Jalan Asia Afrika was that there's no food stall at all on the street. So it was 100% for the pedestrians. Heaven for the pedestrians!

The unique cross over bridge

Look at the crowd!  
In front of Savoy Homan Hotel

With that crowd, of course it was very challenging to take selfie pictures. But these people still tried their luck. 

Gedung Merdeka will look more beautiful without the police car, don't you think?
One of the favorite photo spot is the icon of PR (Pikiran Rakyat, West Java's leading newspaper)
They take turn to take pictures with this monument

Somehow, I also tried my luck. I stood up more than five minutes in front of this wall, just to take pictures with the sentence which I 100% agreed: "God was smiling when He created Bumi Pasundan (West Java)"

We also enjoyed the renovated park in front of Masjid Agung Bandung. Yes, our beloved mayor has made a public place, a beautiful one, where family could spend their quality time.

The new look of Alun Alun Bandung
The maze in front of Masjid Agung Bandung
It was 10 pm, and the park was still very crowded

Bandung is a very nice place to visit at night, especially around Jalan Merdeka and Alun-Alun. I would suggest staying at hotels around Jalan Merdeka or Jalan Braga to enjoy this area to the fullest.

And visiting Bandung when the people celebrate Car Free Night on Jalan Asia Afrika was not a bad idea at all. Come visit Bandung, my city.

Don't forget to take picture with this:p

written on June 20, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. padahal ini lokasinya dari rumah keluarga saya di Bandung sangat dekat. Tapi, saya udah lumayan lama gak ke Bandung, jaid belum sekalipun menikmati asia-afrika pasca KAA :D