Mandarin Orchard Hotel Review

What's the most famous and favorite hotel on Singapore's Orchard Road? Probably, Mandarin Orchard Hotel is the answer. The location is at the heart of Orchard: 2 minutes walk to Ngee Ann City, a stones walk away from Paragon Mall, and H&M is around the corner.
This is definitely not my choice if I travel with my family (although the beds in the room are huge!). First of all, because of its price, and I am not really "an Orchard person". But I had the opportunity to stay here (for free), so I guess it's not a bad idea to share my experience staying at Mandarin Orchard Hotel.
The ground floor which is directly linked to a shopping mall called Mandarin Gallery, is only a waiting area. You have to go to the 5th floor to reach the lobby area. The lobby has a modern and minimalist design, with a touch of luxury from its lighting as well as the hanging lamp.
I love the hanging lamp at the lobby area

I didn't do the check-in process by myself because everything was handled by our tour (can you imagine I went to Singapore on a tour!:p). But when I checked-out, it was fast and easy. I always in love with hotels having efficient check-in and check-out process.
Don't you love the reception of Mandarin Orchard?
Despite having a very modern lobby, I felt a downside on the room's condition. Well it is spacious especially for Singapore's standard. But here and there the room looked a bit outdated. However, I loved the beds!
This room is perfect for a family with two children like ours:)

Our room came with a bathtub, which was much appreciated that I could soak for a while after the busy shopping day! There's also a separate shower area, if you're in hurry to continue your shopping:D

I had a seminar all day long, and went out for dinner at Esplanade area (Finally I tried the famous Singapore's crab!). Yes it was the most luxurious Singapore's weekend getaway for me:D Because of my busy schedule, I didn't have time to check the swimming pool of Mandarin Orchard.
So what was the highlight of this hotel (apart from its location)?
It was their BREAKFAST!
Oooh my... forget your diet (that's what happened most of the time, actually), and just eat anything you like. From sushi to prata, Mandarin Orchard has it all!
Let's start the breakfast!
I started with the egg station.
Then I moved forward to...mmm...almost everything! Hahaha... So please bear it in mind to reserve a room with breakfast if you are staying at Mandarin Orchard Hotel.
Which one do you like?
As I mentioned above, the hotel is directly linked to Mandarin Gallery, a shopping mall with so many cafes and restaurants. There are also some shops, mostly exclusive and expensive brands.
From Mandarin Orchard to Mandarin Gallery
If you plan to stay at Mandarin Orchard, I would suggest to choose the date when Orchard started its lighting for christmas. The expensive room rate you pay at Mandarin Orchard Hotel will be worth it by seeing Orchard's Chritsmas ornament at your doorstep.
Orchard's christmas ornament in 2015

The best time to visit Orchard is approaching the christmas and new years holiday
So if you'd like to splurge on your hotel in Singapore, I would recommend this hotel for its location and of course the breakfast.
written on December 20, 2015 by @tesyasblog
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  1. aaghhh....mesen kamar tnpa breakfast itu ga bangeett, kalo aku ;p... Pastinya tiap book hotel itu aku pesen yg pake breakfast sekalian mba, krn aku slalu suka makanan hotel ;D.. kec nginepnya cm utk transit doang yaa, okelah ga ush pake breakfast :D..

    1. Oh gitu Fan hahaha.. kalau aku lebih suka makanan lokal. Kecuali memang hotel berbintang yang makan paginya serius kaya Mandarin ini, aku suka banget:D

  2. Lokasi nya strategis banget yaaa tapi harga nya juga pasti melangit hehehe

  3. Waaahhh ... dulu setiap ke Orchard cuma baru bisa melirik2 aja ke sini haha.

    TP mantabh tuh ya breakfastnya ... sampe ada prata segala ... lamb prata ada, Buuu? haha ... :D

    Anyway ... Orchard emang pas Christmas jd bagus ya dengan lampu2nya ;-)

    1. Lamb Prata enggak ada Om hahaha...ternyata doyan lamb toh:D
      Iya paling cakep ya pas Christmas itu :)