Visiting Miraikan, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

We love to visit museum every time we travel with our Kiddos. When I was making our itinerary to visit Tokyo, two museums came across our plan: 1) Miraikan:The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, and 2) The National Museum of Nature and Science. The later has a huge dinosaurus, perfect if your kids love the dino.

Unfortunately museums in Japan are closed from 28 December until beginning of January for the New Years holiday. So we had only one day on 26 December to visit museum in Tokyo. And we had to choose which one to visit between the above mentioned museums.

I let both of our Kiddos choose which museum to visit. And they finally choose Miraikan, as they saw on Miraikan's website that we could see Asimo's performance. Yeay, finally we are going to meet Asimo, the robot from Honda :)

Our Kiddos#1 happy face, just to see Asimo's picture!

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Higashiyama District, Not To Be Missed When Visiting Kiyomizu-dera

After an impressive visit to Kiyomizu-dera, it was time for us to enjoy the mochi and ice cream along Higashiyama District, the lane full of snakcs, souvenirs, restaurants and crafts between Kiyomizu-dera and Yashaka Shrine.

It's a beautiful lane, all the buildings are made froom wood, I felt like walking through a movie scene.

Welcome to Higashiyama District

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Kiyomizudera Temple, The Most Beautiful Temple in Kyoto

There are so many beautiful temples in Kyoto, but number one on my bucketlist was Kiyomizudera Temple. "You should go to Kiyomizudera and eat free mochi along Higashiyama District", my colleague told me.

Beside the temple, I read about the busy lane, which is called Higashiyama District. The lane is packed with souvenirs shops, mochi sellers, and matcha ice cream sellers ((Wooow matcha ice cream, I am comiiing!)).  

I have also seen many pictures of Kiyomizudera temple before going to Japan, and fell in love with it. We put our visit to the temple on our last day in Kyoto, and with it's beauty, I am sure this temple should be in your Kyoto's itinerary as well.

The Kiyomizudera Temple is amazingly beautiful!
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Breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market

"I dont' want to go to fish market, I want to stay at the apartment and watch Ninja Go Movie!" It was our conversation with Kiddos on the last morning in Tokyo. Traveling with your kids give you lots of drama, but along the way, you'll find how to manage all those dramas:D

"Ok, we will still go and we'll be back at 12. Is that ok with you?" I asked our Kiddos, and they agreed to give me and mr.husband a 3 hours date going to Tsukiji Fish Market. We left our apartment at 9am, after several rules we had given to our Kiddos. They requested us two things: to bring back Tamago (Japanese omelette) from Tsukiji and to be back to the apartment at 12.00pm.

Tsukiji Fish Market was closed on 31 Dec, so we went to the outer market
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2015: Where We Have Been, From A Desert to A Snowy Mountain

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

I am writing this post on the second day of 2016. We just got back from our #JPFamTrip yesterday, so apology for not updating tesyasblog for some time. But I did a liveblogging from Tokyo and Kyoto on tesyaskinderen. Please take a look.

2015 has been a wonderful year for us, we visited beautiful places, published one book Family Backpacking Hong Kong, and even invited to Club Med Bali :)

Here we go, a recap of our 2015, from Sydney to Japan.

1st Quarter of 2015

New South Wales, Australia

A family trip to Sydney, Newcastle and Port Stephens started our year.

A dream came true, we succeeded taking our Kiddos to one of my fave city in the world: Sydney. Even better, we traveled to Blue Mountains, Newcastle and Port Stephens to try the sand boarding. Please refer to the posts of our #SYDFamTrip

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