Exploring Hong Kong in 12 Hours: Our Mommies Day Out Trip

I have never thought that a daytrip to Hong Kong was doable. Hong Kong is 4 hours by plane, and a daytrip would be totally insane! But somehow...we had just come back from our Hong Kong's mommies day out trip. And yes it was a return trip from Jakarta to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific.

Our original plan was a daytrip to Cirebon, but the train tickets cost the same with a return airfare from Jakarta to Singapore:p So We changed our plan to visit Singapore. I calculated that a weekend getaway to Singapore would cost IDR 3,000,000 per person, which includes: airfare, hostel for two nights, meals and transport. But we've been to Singapore and Johor Bahru on a mommies' day out trip already.

Hong Kong crossed my mind, so I checked Cathay Pacific's website. That time I found a "One Day Special Offer" from Cathay Pacific, and I told my friends if they are interested visiting Hong Kong for a day, with an estimated budget of IDR 3,500,000 per person (all in). Everyone said YES! Hahaha, I am not sure who was crazy, is it me who had the idea, or my friends who agreed to my idea? Well, so we went to Hong Kong for one day, instead of a daytrip to Cirebon or a 2 nights stay in Singapore.

It all started with this promo from Cathay Pacific

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Cycling in Singapore : Exploring Punggol Waterway

Singapore is not just shopping malls, Sentosa, Universal Studio and the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. You could enjoy the beauty of this country from a bicycle. What? Cycling in Singapore? I am not talking about cycling inside the city, I choose a place away from the hustle bustle of Singapore, where sometimes you feel the place only belongs to you, as there was no one else.
I am talking about cycling in Punggol waterway area. Have you heard about this place?
It all started by a Jetstar promo ticket, and our need to have a time only for me and mr.husband. It is not easy nowadays to get permission from our Kiddos to leave them at home, and not joining our weekend getaway in Singapore. Just like their Mom, our Kiddos love Singapore so much (or to be precised, they love Toys R Us in Singapore!). With some deals, we succeeded getting approval from our Kiddos, and the story of our weekend getaway in Singapore begins at Punggol waterway.

As I told you, there were nobody else! It was like having this place only for me & mr.husband

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Why You Should Visit Fushimi Inari With Kids

What is the most famous shrine in Kyoto? I would answer Fushimi Inari, with its thousand of red Torii Gates. I have seen so many pictures of the beautiful red trails of the Torii Gates on websites as well as on instagram. Still, it left me with one important question: is Fushimi Inari a kids friendly temple to visit with kids?

Yes we had to walk up to the shrine and walked through thousand of Torii Gates, but along the way we stopped and found many interesting things for our Kiddos: from petting some cats to getting stamps at Fushimi Inari!
We had seen lots of things, enjoyed our visit, and took many pictures with the Torii gates (this below picture is one of my fave). 

I am going to share with you, why you should visit Fushimi Inari with kids.

A family picture taken by mr.husband at the Torii gates

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