Nara Deer Park - Day Trip From Kyoto

Nara Deer Park which is easily accessed from Kyoto was on the top of our Japan's itinerary. Going to a temple having hundreds of deers will be awesome for our Kiddos' experience.

We decided to do a day trip from Kyoto, and as we had learned that we could take a train from JR Inari Station to Nara, we planned to go to Nara after our visit to Fushimi Inari.  

I told mr.husband that from what I read, we should not take a local train from Kyoto to Nara, as it will be stopping in 21 stations, and add a 25 minutes extra to our journey to Nara. 

Waiting a JR local train at Fushimi Inari Station

Going to Nara From Kyoto With a JR Pass

We took a local JR train from Inari station to Rokujizo, and changed the train to Miyakoji Rapid Service. We had to wait for a while at Rokujizo for our train to Nara. But yes it was fast and didn't stop in many stations like the local train. 

This Miyakoji Rapid Service is the fastest and best choice to travel from Kyoto to Nara.


Going to Nara From Kyoto Without a JR Pass

If you don't have a JR Pass, you may take Kintetsu Line from Kyoto to Nara. You can refer to this link if you need more information. The benefit of taking Kintetsu Line is that you can walk from the Nara Kintetsu Station to Nara Deer Park.

From Nara JR Station to Nara Deer Park

JR Nara Station

Finally we arrived at JR Nara Station, we saw everything has a deer on it! Deers were on the roof of the escalator, and even on a photo booth. Welcome to Nara, the towns of deers:D

First thing first, we approached the Tourist Information Center located just few meters away from the exit of JR Nara Station. We were advised to take the looping bus in yellow color to go to the deer park.

"You can also walk from here, it's about 30 minutes walk", the staff at Nara Tourist Information Office told us. Well it was too far. We choose taking the Nara City Bus bus instead. For more info about the Nara City Bus, read on this link.

The yellow bus spotted in front of the JR Nara Station 
The Nara City Loop Bus 
It cosy JPY210 for adult and JPY110 for children

10 minutes after we got into the bus, we arrived at Nara Deer Park. We had to walk from the bus stop to the park, and our Kiddos began to shout, "Look, I saw the deers!"

In front of the Nara Deer Park, we took pictures
with these lovely ladies

Let's Feed and Play With The Deers

Kiddos and mr.husband were suddenly busy with the deers, but no deers were interested with us because we didn't have any biscuits with us. Smart deers, they knew it! So I bought one pack of deers biscuit cost JPY150 for 10 pieces. And suddenly we were surrounded by the deers. Ooh, please help!

You can see the video I uploaded on instagram (IG:tesyasblog) using the hashtag #JPFamTrip, about how our Kiddos having fun with the deers at Nara Deer Park.

This deer can smell that Kiddos#1 has a biscuit
They were everywhere:D

Although super cute, please bear in mind that they are still wild animals. A sign to be careful with the deers were also available near the temple.

Be careful, the deers may knock you down!

Visiting Todaiji Temple

Our time was limited at Nara, so we only visited the deer park as well as the famous Todaiji Temple.

The wooden gate to the temple is so impressive, it is huge and guarded by two wooden statue at each side.

A very impressive wooden gate
The wooden statue on the right is the guardian of Todaiji temple

The Todaiji temple itself was fantastic both from outside and inside. Todaiji temple (Great Eastern Temple) is one of the landmark in Nara you should not miss.

Todaiji is a very beautiful temple

Todaiji's main hall is called Daibutsuden (Big Buddha mainhall) is house for the Japan's largest bronze statue. Take a look at the statute, it is HUGE! The ticket to enter Todaiji Temple is JPY500 per person, and it was well worth it.

The world's largest wooden building

When we exit the museum, it was almost sunset, and the temple looks more gorgeous with the sunset.

Day trip from Kyoto to Nara is doable, and even if you have only halfday like what we had, I still recommend you to spend your halfday at Nara and get this close with the deer.

Bye for now, Nara's deer!

written on March 14, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Bucketlist!
    Aku pengen banget ke Nara gara-gara baca novel Taiko.

    1. Aku belum baca novel Taiko De, tapi emang ini wajib on your bucketlist:)

  2. OMG...cute sekali rusa2 ini ^o^... walopun aku jd inget pas makan sup rusa di Serbia dulu ;p,, daging mereka juga samaaa enaknya... :D

    1. Apaaah, kamu pernah ke Serbia Fan? Paling jauh sih aku makan steak rusa di Samarinda:D

  3. Sesunguhnya mau tanya...JR Pass itu bisa dipake dimana saja ya?
    Nemu JR Pass 7days cuma 3.6jt nih. Worth it ga? Plans mau stay di tokyo, kyoto, osaka. Thanksss for helping

    1. 7 days cuma Rp 3,6 juta, mmm bentar ..aku dulu berapa ya? Kayanya sama segitu juga. Aku kan Rp 10 juta ber empat, dua dewasa dan dua anak, yang mana untuk anak lebih murah harganya.

      JR Pass bisa dipake keliling Jepang, selama naik Shinkansen tertentu, ada juga yang ga boleh pake JR Pass soalnya, untuk jenis Shinkansen yang super cepat.

      Jadi kalau mau bolak balik Tokyo-Kyoto, Tokyo-Osaka, misalnya, bisaaa...